View Full Version : Srayer: Regarding can no longer /respawn while dead

10-03-2014, 06:10 PM
I died last night when I was disconnected fighting a boss up high. When I relogged I was wedged between some rocks down below with zero hp (dead) but no body or release button. Only second time I've died so I remember what the button was supposed to be called, but /respawn was what I did.....What would I do now if I could not use /respawn?That you were dead upon login with no way to release was a bug introduced in the previous patch. It's been fixed in today's patch. So, you should never get into a state where you have to /respawn while dead in order to continue, making it a moot point.
On a similar topic, the other time I died it was from fire just after I killed a three star uber ember drake, which after a couple seconds awarded me a good deal of exp that leveled me up, reviving me to full health =OI'm not sure if this is an intended mechanic, so I thought I'd mention it. But it actually a quite nice surprise.Yes, it's intentional! If you level up while dead, you are automatically revived and restored to full health. It was meant to be a nice little surprise, so I'm glad you found it as such!

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