View Full Version : @ WTT Trading S5 Staff (me) for S5 Meele weapon Equivalent

08-08-2015, 09:53 PM
Basically im looking to trade my shadow level 5 staff with all pearls attached and 5 stars for a Shadow level 5 melee weapon since I'm looking to main on neon ninja/candy barb rather than my fae/tomb raiser. I AM NOT SELLING I AM ONLY LOOKING FOR A TRADE BETWEEN A Staff for a sword. P.S If your weapon is not pearled i won't mind you adding some flux to make up the difference.

Note: You can tentacle the 3rd and 4th stats to your liking and energy regen is basically good on any staff wielding class. (Atm ideal for tombraiser/ ice sage)

The Stats are as follows :
1737 MD
117 Energy regen
2423 Hp Regen
3002 Max Hp

Feel free to add me in game or leave a post (im usually online) IGN : Wuuuzy