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12-02-2014, 09:02 AM
This list is updated daily.

Please whisper me in game (IGN: PurpleMoons) or post here what you're interested in, if I am afk or miss your message. Thanks! :)


Amaze Dukke - rainbow hat, Forged [9]
Amaze Dukke - rainbow hat, Forged [12]
Red Rider's Mask - rainbow face, Forged [11]
Roving Rhymer - rainbow hat, Forged [10], 4*
Shaggy Purple Chapeau - rainbow hat, Forged [10]
Red hat - Forged [9], 4* on 3 stats
Red face - Forged [10], 3*
Red face - Forged [9], 2*
Rainbow face - Forged [9]
Rainbow staff - Forged [9]
Red hat - Forged [9]
Orange hat - Forged [9]
Orange gun - 218 mDmg**, 76 Knockback**, 3 Attack Speed
Orange gun - 218 mDmg**, 72 Health Regen*, 4 Movement Speed*
Orange staff - 160 mDmg, 76 Stability**, 7 Attack Speed**

Recipes 50f @

Autumn Sapling
Blue Glowy Gumdrop
Festivus Gnome
Flowery Basket
Frosted Banner
Green Neon Daikatana Stand
Harvest Horn
Icy Piller Set
Orange Glowy Gumdrop
Pumpkin Pie
Ranger Gnome

Visuals / Styles

Acolyte's Candy Cane 200f
Balefire Crown 200f (or as equip: rainbow hat - forged [2], 787 max health, 237 health regen, 3 jump)
Cutest Catventurer (cat hat) 200f
Dead Ringer (phone! :D) 300f
Festive Finery (Christmas tree hat) 150f
Infinite PWN-age (staff) 200f
Pinata Punisher (staff) 150f
Verdant Vexant (staff) 100f
XK-NDL Gatling Gun 150f


I usually keep a large quantity of all items below. I try to stay in line with the going rate of materials but a few items are priced higher. I use these materials myself but will happily sell them to anyone who needs them right away. Sometimes you only need a few of an item and it's nice to have someone you can go to for those.

Bleached Bones 5f
Bottles 2f
Enchanted Wood 3f
Eyes of Q'bthulhu 5f
Faerie Dust 4f
Glacial Shards 3f
Golden Souls 15f
Infinium 1f
Mushroom Chunks 3f
Primordial Flame 5f
Robotic Salvage 15f
Shapestone 2:1f
Somber Souls 15f
Sticky Ichor 2f
Sunlight Bulbs 2:1f
Tentacles of Q'bthulhu 80f
Warpseed 3:1f
Wild Cupcakes 5f

Thanks for looking! I appreciate your business! :)

IGN: PurpleMoons

12-02-2014, 10:53 AM
+Easy Trade
+Fast Trade
+Friendly Trader

Thank you very much! :)

Kind Regards.