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08-06-2015, 02:26 PM
Hey fellow Trovians! (:

There's something called 'Refer-a-friend' where I get a cool dragon if you refer me, and honestly it isn't much - I'm just trying to help out any new players!
What do you get? Well, here's what I can give you:

Very helpful advice! I'll happily tell you all the basics, walk you through the game, and let you in on a few cool secrets I've gathered over my time playing
Just whisper to me at anytime, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have!
Edit: We got a new club for you guys to join! O: It's made by my bro; just send me a message if I forget to invite you x)

When you hit Level 20 Mastery:
(or if you've been active for about a week after signing up)
- 1,000 Flux
- 5,000 Glim
- 2 Shadow Keys
- 200 Shapestone
- 200 Eyes
- 100 Mushroom Chunks
- 100 Fairie Dust

When you hit Level 25 mastery;
- 5,000 Flux
- Shadow Level 2 or 3 Rings

When you hit Level 30 Mastery:
- 10,000 Flux
- A Random Costume!
- Have 20% Discount off anything in my store! (click on my signature)
- Any 5 Rare fish from my store
- Access to something awesome o: (that I will reveal in due time)
Also, if I decide to give more out for my referrals, those that have referred me already will certainly get what I've added!

What do you need to do? Nothing :] but you do need to fulfill these requirements:

-Be a new, recently-joined, friendly Trovian
-Below (and not including) Level 30 Mastery

-Click here (https://trovelive.trionworlds.com/account/reg/account-registration-short-flow.action?voucherCode=9N3PDN6NCNTYWRWRNZGJ&request_locale=en&experience=aaf&utm_source=manual&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ascend_invite) or apply the code manually on the main website using the code: 9N3PDN6NCNTYWRWRNZGJ

Finally, to make sure I know you've referred me, please post here your:
-First and Last name registered on support.trionworlds.com (http://i.imgur.com/DmIU1O4.png) (PM me this if you don't feel comfortable posting it)
-In-game name
-What you think of my post http://orig09.deviantart.net/df47/f/2009/085/7/9/santa_poring__free_avatar_by_coy_shinigami.gif

Important!: You are eligible as long as you're below Mastery 30 and not referred by someone else.

Here's who's signed up so far:
[I]#. Forum Name (IGN) [Real Name]{Received?}
1. Uzeno (Uzeno) [K-- M----- P.] {All Rewards} [9/8/15]
2. Feast (Feasteater) [B---- S.] {All Rewards} [13/8/15]
3. Blaynedrt (Blaynedrt) [B----- B.] {All Rewards} [15/8/15]
4. imaching (imaching) [E---- A.] {All Rewards} [16/8/15]
5. BlayLock64 (BlayLock64) [T------ L.] {All Rewards} [19/8/15]
6. luke7524811 (RaidenRahl) [J---- H.] {None yet}

- LBomb (LBomb) [Name Required]

+ 2 others I have no clue of, of their IGNs or forum names

08-06-2015, 02:42 PM
Bump! Just making sure new players can get a look at this before I go to bed (:

08-06-2015, 02:49 PM
Added a random costume to the 'giveaway'

08-06-2015, 03:31 PM
Bumperinoes for the new-bies :]]

08-06-2015, 04:08 PM
Well I'm off to sleep, hopefully someone sees this (:

08-06-2015, 04:18 PM
Vouch for this dude.
Runs a great service and it's a pretty solid offer for you lowbies looking to make some money when you hit 30 mastery.

08-06-2015, 04:21 PM
Just passing by, don't see a store

08-07-2015, 02:38 AM
Heey guys!
I'm back onn (:

Aww thanks for always puttin' a good word out for me <3
Just click on my picture (:

08-07-2015, 02:46 PM
Bump-before-bed http://minabe.info/stamp/img/bed.gif

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08-08-2015, 04:30 AM
Added a few new milestones! o:

08-08-2015, 06:22 AM
I guess free stuff just ain't good enough anymore ):

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08-08-2015, 10:32 AM
Am level 12 mastery see you soon! Hopefully I have anyway, not quite sure ;) but it says referal code has been added ;)

08-08-2015, 10:43 AM
Am level 12 mastery see you soon! Hopefully I have anyway, not quite sure ;) but it says referal code has been added ;)
o: omg yaay! Thanks so much for joinin' :]

I just checked and I've gotten 3 referrals?! dam.
Please post here guys, or at least inbox me your names and IGN (+ a small post here, helps me keep track)

08-08-2015, 11:04 AM
Hi! I clicked the link, and used the referral code hopefully you get it? I just started playing Trove and already grinding it.
My in game name is Uzeno.
I think that your post is very helpful to people who just started playing Trove.

08-08-2015, 11:08 AM
Damn XD I would have loved to help u out but I just joined the forums now, and im mastery 38 soz man :( But could u help me with Trove? Like show me tricks and all? Thx :D

08-08-2015, 11:10 AM
Nice stuff, too bad i didn't see your thread earlier, since i'm already master 60 and haven't reffered anyone.

08-08-2015, 11:13 AM
Cleared out. Want no confusion. :)

08-08-2015, 11:30 AM
woots thanks! I definitely did get it [:
suure I'd love to help! Just add me in game
Haha thanks for taking the time to read and post here, I appreciate it alot!http://media.playpark.net/MapleStory/uploadimages/pink-bean-sparkle.png
Heyya, I'd love to trade referrals, but unfortunately I'm waay past the requirement of 30 (I'm 101 right now lol) and I've been referred by someone else already too

08-08-2015, 11:36 AM
Cleared out. Want no confusion. :)

08-08-2015, 11:38 AM
Hmm, I'm not sure if you think that referrals can be repeated - they can't, they're single-use only. Just wanna make that clear~

08-08-2015, 12:00 PM
One last bump before I really hit the cotton-can (bed)!

08-08-2015, 02:34 PM
Hey guys, I'm Uzeno just reached mastery level 30 today and received all the prizes (and so fast too). Thanks so much, LuckyLoad, you're a big help for all the new players out there!
Thanks again, take care :D

08-08-2015, 06:16 PM
I tried to refer you, but I got a message when I used the code that my voucher has already been redeemed. I have not yet filled out a referral yet. Is there a way you can tell if it worked? My ingame name is Feasteater if that helps.

08-08-2015, 08:20 PM
I have referred you. IGN and forum name are both Blaynedrt. My Name is sent to you in a PM and your post is pretty decent. covers the information and is good enough for me.

08-09-2015, 01:43 AM
Thanks Uzeno! I really appreciate the post, and am glad you found me satisfying enough http://i.imgur.com/8Gn4kuB.png
I believe it did - I checked when you just posted and the extra referral was probably you (: - just inbox me your first and last name to be sure
Awesoome! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- http://orig12.deviantart.net/30d7/f/2013/127/b/e/cat_icon_base_by_dani_cal1forn1a-d64gwfa.gif

08-09-2015, 05:44 AM
ALright i am posting for a freind
his IGN is imaching and his first and second name is Edwin Aditya
He is reffering you as i post this

08-09-2015, 08:39 AM
BlayLock64 is my in-game name. already applied your code using the link. and PMed you with IRL name. great post by the way was a smart buisness decision if you ask me.

08-09-2015, 10:03 PM
@Eragon57 / imagching
Thanks for signing up! (:
This isn't a 'business decision', it's just for fun and a great way to give back to the community - especially the new players that have just joined and need some help 'getting into' the game - by no means am I earning or getting anything from this, except a dragon.
In any case, I'm glad you joined!

08-11-2015, 04:11 PM

08-13-2015, 07:09 AM
I hit mastery 30 yesterday and recieved all the mentioned items from Luckyload. Thanks again, you really helped me out. Good luck with the dragon!

08-13-2015, 07:14 AM
Maan I wished I referred you when I was below 30 :/

08-16-2015, 03:45 AM
Thank you too! X) Can't wait to get a dragon o:
Aww ):

08-23-2015, 04:21 PM
Yeah was looking to make a good thread for new players on how to use their referal and also posted a link to your thread(This is my favorite) and even tough I got to mastery 30 for nothing,I want new players to see you thread and help you out and also you to help them!

Jungling Unicorn
09-12-2015, 10:00 AM
Hey I would like to do that referal for you ( if it is still available)