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11-30-2014, 10:11 AM
This is a list of the recipes I am looking for. I know a few of these have been listed as unobtainable but I made a complete list anyway disregarding the Bordered Blocks. I also know that many of these come from the same recipe but I'm a perfectionist so I still listed them individually. :P I am willing to offer in flux or other recipes for any of these that someone might have. I will update the list as I obtain recipes. Thanks everyone!

Blue Glass
Glowing Pink
Large Leek Sprout
Planted Carrot Patch
Planted Onion Patch
Planted Potato Patch
Corn Bed
Tomato Bed
Watermelon Bed
Cherry Bonsai
Juniper Bonsai
Maple Bonsai
Winter Bonsai
Window Crossbar
Straight Planter Section
Standalone Planter
End Planter Section
Corner Planter Section
Uncommon Planter End Section
Uncommon Planter Corner Section
Straight Hedge Section
Tansu Base
Tansu Bookend A
Tansu Bookend B
Plain Pane Window
Closed Cabinet
Left Ajar Cabinet
Right Ajar Cabinet
Standing Fountain
Peaceful Artisanal Pond
Blick-a-Block Table
Artsy Easel
Simple Fish Bowl
Comfy Green Armchair
Island Sunset Painting
Zippy Zebra
Ol' Gold-on-Green
Candle Stand
Simple Window
Sliding Window
Paned Window
Sunset Egg
Connexels Game
Navy Bed Foot
Navy Bed Head
Corner Hedge Section
Cross Hedge Section
End Hedge Section
Standalone Hedge
Hedge T-Section
Dusky Bed Head
Dusky Bed Foot
Plum Bed Head
Plum Bed Foot
Dark Knight Gnome
Ghastly Trickster Gnome
Creepy Clock
Bone Lamp
Grasping Hand
Disblock Board
Model Galley
Smooth Sailing

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