View Full Version : WTT RADIANT STAFF 8 PEARLS 3 STARS for a RADIANT SWORD [Please read wanted stats]

07-27-2015, 07:55 AM
Trading a Radiant Staff for a Radiant Sword!


Radiant Staff with 8 pearls & 3 Stars
2447 Magic Damage [2 Pearls]
131 Energy Regeneration [2 Pearls]
3324 Health Regeneration [2 Pearls]
4136 Maximum Health [2 Pearls]

Will trade for Radiant sword with 3 Stars or Purifying Dragon Flames given upon trade with 8 pearls attached or given upon trade and must have the stats below or similar.

Stats wanted:
2000+ Physical Damage [Must have]
20+ Attack Speed [Must have]
3000+ Health Regeneration [Switchable but preferable stat wanted]
130+ Energy Regeneration [Switchable Preferable Stat wanted]

Please leave your trade suggestions below or add / whisper me in game (IGN: Clarencezer) I currently follow a GMT +8 Time Zone~

Sorry if I am not online >. <!

07-27-2015, 04:39 PM
Still looking for a Radiant Sword to trade with my Radiant Staff c: !