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Cel Thric
09-30-2014, 12:09 PM
Hello Devs,

I have been playing Trove for a short while now, and it ran fine the first day of playing, but ever since then the server has been getting worse and worse and REALLY WORSE.

My Ping sky Rockets to 20 K+ at times, causing me to rubber band to different sections of the map or world i'm in, It Disconnects me nearly every 15 minutes or when i jump through a portal, further more, when i do a dungeon, I'm sure to die, cause my ping will go so dam high, I start having hallucinations!.

Now I understand to some degree that this game is in Beta, and I respect that, but as much as i want to spend more money on this game, I just cant bring myself to doing that when knowing that every time I play, I'm not going to get the best experience that the game has to offer, Seeing as the server is only hosted in America, and myself being South of the equator doesn't really help.

The question I'm trying to bring up, is when will there be European Servers available, Your server is over populated according to, ( That wonderful little message whenever i try and reconnect ), and nothing seems to be happening about that and the fact that it is bugging out and causing issues for clearly a lot of people.

The game itself is fun, but having so many issues with the server, is just not worth the trouble, seeing as nothing is being done about this, its been three days since your last post about the issue and no new information as to what is going on or going to be happening.

So as an end to my somewhat hopeful message for the Mysterious Devs.
Please update the post and bring in the European servers, Yes I know, Working is hard, but don't take my money and give me bad service.

Cel Thric

10-01-2014, 11:23 PM
hello there good sir, while im not a dev i can say this.

most games when their in closed beta or alpha dont set up servers out of the country their made in untill open beta, you could be waiting for about a year tops.

scratch that sometimes its longer