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11-21-2014, 06:33 PM
Howdy, with so many new folks coming in and creating awesome content for trove and hitting it up on the Reddit its kinda getting harder to get comments and feedback on things posted and end up getting pushed back 3 - 4 pages, don't get me wrong its not a bad thing.. i think its awesome that so many people want to contribute their creations for the game. i had a similar thread going on that got some attention for a certain item, its somewhere down the list someplace.

Anyway, i love doing voxel things and so here i am making a thread where i can pretty much dump what ever cute, neat and down-right ugly creations that pop up in my mind that end up being made, and i'd like to hear what people think of them.

The Great Hoot
This is a current project i've got going on right now, in the wake of frustration and general disappointment in a previous bird hat i decided to try an owl, and this is the result. I'm still experimenting with colors to see what would fit best for the thing, also deciding if it should be a snow-owl or great horned but overall i'm pretty happy with it, fits well on the head.

Clockwork Torcher
Wasn't quite sure what i was thinking when i did this.. i think i was trying to make somthing Steam-punkish and me not knowing anything about steampunk other than "Cogs and Gears" i threw a staff together of a Cog and or Gear that has a plug-in thing for some yellow crystal on top of the staff. Also experimenting with colors and shading styles for this, the only clipping that goes on with it is the plug goes iinto the floor a tiny bit.

My friend showed my an awesome game called Dust An Elysian Tail.. and i've been playing it to death, i liked the look of the sword Ahrah so i tried to see how well i could re-create it with the limited dimensions of Trove submissions.. still working on it Colors/Shading and shape are likely to change, if not the blade itself atleast the hilt (Dat things ugly as sin!)

Keywee the Flightless watcher
This thing, oh my what a mess this thing was, pretty much discontinued i had a reddit page up for it but unfortunately it got buried under a mass of other submissions i may remake the reddit page but likely not. Anyway, a long time ago i went on a binge video watching spree of little kiwi bird (So cute) and i tried to make one as a hat.. at first it looked like a chicken then a duck then a kiwi then back to a duck, sadly it din't fit on the head all too well so i remade it to where it did and i couldn't get the beak to resemble a kiwi so it ended up looking more like a duck.

Anyway, thats all i got (for now!) i'd like to hear you guys' thoughts on them!

P.S, hope a thread like this is acceptable in the media section!