View Full Version : Jalhalla like boss

07-22-2015, 11:02 PM
Well why make it humongous? What I'm thinking is that it takes many forms, or is many mini bosses each mini boss per say takes the form of one of the classes in your party, after killing them all, you battle the main creature or the combination of all the mini bosses you killed, it will kinda be like the main earth temple boss from wind waker where you destroy the massive one it then turns into the minions that form it. This will also make the per say mini bosses also like Wind waker where before you can battle Gannon/the main boss in this case you must eliminate the mini bosses to battle the main boss of the shadow dungeon. Now the mini bosses have the same stats as the character and the class it is copying they have the same specials as that class *this information is just for those who were wondering*. Now the main boss will be like the one at the top of the original thread create a boss like a boss, and why you ask just because that one looks awesome and worthy for my idea.

passive: many enemies: after accumulating enough damage the boss will split into the mini bosses which you will have to kill. Mini bosses will appear for a few minutes try to kill as many as possible before they all regroup. This will continue until all mini bosses are killed. Mini bosses will have decreased lives but all other stats from player will stay the same.

special: right click: The main boss will take the candy barbarian's/knight's right click special and it will do a jump, and do damage to all sides of it.

special: number 1 button: Its next move will deploy like the pirate captain's man of war special.

Special: mastery move: finally its last special will be whoever the strongest player is in your party will give/share the same master move with the main boss *and for all those who were wondering the master special will NOT be connected to the main boss, I just had no other way to say it*.

normal attack: its main just normal attack will be lasers because why not the boss at the top looks like it will shoot laser bolts out at the party.