View Full Version : Destroyer of B'Qthulu

07-22-2015, 10:47 PM

http://gyazo.com/65f8bb541c68c6f0646b51671e9d76ed -link to a rough model of it

Name: Devourer of B'Qthulu

Small Lore: Devourer was a servant of B'qthulu before under murky circumstances he (as name suggests) devoured the left of B'Qthulu

Ground Slam- able to "phase" through the ground and pop up underneath players dealing direct damage while rotating spikes on head

Pop bomb- Tail can pop off leaving a large bomb which does destroy ground unlike the phase ability.

Power of B'qthulu- a beam of darkness which is shot out of the eye of B'Qthulu which is in it's mouth the Devourer freely tracks players up until this move similar to a charge up on a falcon punch

Please leave suggestions and feedback down below and thank you for looking at my idea