View Full Version : The Infinity Arena

07-22-2015, 06:28 PM
Sorry, but this is something I was thinking about when asked about creating a new boss. At the moment, we have a very linear map that spawns in two variations, both of which just spawn waves. I was thinking something more perplexing might be situated, and in this an Idea came to me: The Infinity Arena. Instead of our normal Arena, the Arena turns into a infinitely spawning dungeon called the Infinity Arena; A rare spawn that only spawns in "A place of great magic" and needs a key crafted with obscene amounts of Infinium to do. These arenas host multiple floors where your objective is solely to clear each floor of pre-spawned enemies. Once this happens, you descend to the next level. Now, here's the weird part: This dungeon goes on forever. Whenever your team dies is when the dungeon ends, and when it ends your reward is based on the floor you got to. Each floor will have a different boss as well and enemy selection, to keep things interesting.