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07-22-2015, 05:46 PM
Hello, I have a bunch of shadow items I'm going to list them all here along with there stats if you want any of these please message me in-game if i'm online or post in this thread if i'm not. My IGN is Azmoara.

I'll post the 3rd/4th stat but keep in mind it can be rerolled using a tentacle

Level 1 Faces:
1x MaxHealth/MoveSpeed/Jump
1x MaxHealth/MoveSpeed/MagicDMG
3x MaxHealth/MoveSpeed/PhysDMG (2 have 1 pearl)
3x MaxHealth/MoveSpeed/Stability (1 has 1 pearl)

3x MaxHealth/AttSpeed/Health%

1x MaxHealth/HealthRegen/Health%
1x MaxHealth/HealthRegen/Stability

Level 1 Hats:
1x MaxHealth/AttSpeed/MagicFind
2x MaxHealth/AttSpeed/Stability
1x MaxHealth/AttSpeed/Health%

1x MaxHealth/HealthRegen/Jump (2 pearls)
1x MaxHealth/HealthRegen/Stability
1x MaxHealth/HealthRegen/Health%
1x MaxHealth/HealthRegen/MagicFind

1x MaxHealth/MoveSpeed/Stability

Level 1 Staffs:
1x MagicDMG/MaxHealth/HealthRegen
1x MagicDMG/MaxHealth/Knockback

1x MagicDMG/MoveSpeed/Jump
1x MagicDMG/MoveSpeed/HealthRegen

1x MagicDMG/EnergyRegen/Jump
1x MagicDMG/EnergyRegen/Knockback

4x MagicDMG/AttSpeed/HealthRegen (1 with 3 pearls and 1 with 1 pearl)
1x MagicDMG/AttSpeed/Stability
1x MagicDMG/AttSpeed/Knockback (1 pearl)

Level 1 Melees:
1x PsyhDMG/MaxHealth/Stability

3x PsyhDMG/AttSpeed/HealthRegen

1x PsyhDMG/EnergyRegen/HealthRegen
1x PsyhDMG/EnergyRegen/Jump
1x PsyhDMG/EnergyRegen/Knockback (1 pearl)

Level 3 Rings:
2x MagicDMG/MagicFind
1x MagicDMG/Jump

07-22-2015, 05:54 PM
"1x MaxHealth/AttSpeed/MagicFind" How much magic find?

07-22-2015, 06:36 PM