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Before I continue I'd like to give many props to Mandibles: http://forums.trovegame.com/showthread.php?34169-Not-a-Boss-just-a-Mechanic For the idea.

Appearance: His main appearance looks very similar to the Recipe Dungeon Bosses. He has a helmet, gloves, and a chestplate. His body is a dark mass.

Spawning: On the final wave the cursed skull breaks and the Shadow Soul emerges from the top.

Movement: He is completely stationary the whole boss fight.

1) He shoots Shadowballs (fireball+shadow) at players. At a fast rate.
2) He smashes his fists into the ground creating a shockwave throughout the whole arena.
3) He targets the most populated area of players and makes the ground below them hazardous. There is warning beforehand. The ground lights up where he will attack.
Passive) Players near him will have a movement debuff.(Like the one you get from standing near those towers)

How the Boss Fight works:
So now that you know alot about the Shadow Soul, lets get onto to the fight itself.
So first he spawns from the cursed skull. He'll immediately start barraging players with shadowballs. As you'd expect players will start whacking him with different attacks.

Here's the Twist: He is completely invulnerable while he is big.
That seems a bit unfair doesn't it? However if you hit him enough times he'll scream and pieces of him will shoot across the arena, leaving his armor dropped messily on the floor.
Your job as the adventurer you are is to destroy those little black pieces of mass before they get back to the cursed skull. Pieces of Mass move pretty fast so you must kill them quickly. Once all of the pieces of mass have returned to the boss he returns to his big form and you must split him again. You must repeat this until you've destroyed the last piece of mass. Then you win!

Also he gets smaller the more mass you destroy. His attack speed, however increases.
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