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07-22-2015, 04:20 PM
These bosses are based on Terraria, I am a big fan of Terraria and if there are copyright issues I will change and/or remove anything that conflicts.

The Eye of Q'Bthulhu:
Q'Bthulhu decides to send his minion eyes to attack the Trovians.
It's an Eye of Q'Bthulhu except it's a boss that floats or bounces along the floor.
Eye Lasers: It shoots a laser at a random player in range.
Charge: The Eye charges towards the player, knocking them back and doing significant damage.
Summon Eyes: The Eye can summon a smaller Eye of Q'Bthulhu called Pupil of Q'Bthulhu, a pure black ball that moves like the Eye of Q'Bthulhu.
A mini Eye of Q'Bthulhu pet that gives lasermancy.

The Tentacle of Q'Bthulhu:

Q'Bthulhu, being as giant as he is, burrows a tentacle to a dungeon and uses it to fight. It's a Tentacle of Q'Bthulhu except it's a boss that stays in place in an arena.
Tentacle Whip: The Tentacle whips players to knockback players and do damage.
Grand Slam: The tentacle slams itself into the ground, throwing players in the air.
Mini-Tentacles: The Tentacle spawns little tentacles just like it next to players and they can be killed.
A pet tentacle that moves with you by moving through the ground and gives knockback.

The Brain of Q'Bthulhu: (Have a 3D but can't paste it.)

http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/terraria.gamepedia.com/d/d2/Brain_of_Cthulhu.png?version=42486dd7a660fe56bd3de 5450724798b
Q'Bthulhu decides he needs to send in himself, but he decides against going himself. He detaches his brain and sends it in to do his bidding.
The Brain hovers or bounces like the Eye of Q'Bthulhu. (The picture and idea comes from Terraria, if I cannot implement this because of copyright, I am sorry and will remove this from the post because of said copyright issues.)
Creepers: They are small Eye of Q'Bthulhu type enemies which start with the Brain. A Creeper:http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/terraria.gamepedia.com/0/0a/Creeper.png
Brain Shock: The Brain uses it's electric signals and amplifies it to shock players.
Deceive: The Brain plays tricks on the player's mind, creating a second illusion which is invincible but does damage and last for 10 seconds.
A Brain of Q'Bthulhu ally which increases health regen.

I have found these pictures on Google where they are publicly showed, and I do not know if any of these are copyright, so just in case I want to state again, these bosses are based on bosses from the game Terraria and the picture of the Brain of Q'Bthulhu and the Creepers belong to Terraria, all credit goes to them. These do not have to be the exact looks and/or abilities for these bosses and I will remove any of these if there are any copyright problems involved. I added in loot because I was not sure if there was going to be specific loot for the bosses as I have seen other people doing the same. The loot does not have to be added if Trove decides so. Other pictures are from Trove and I give them credit for those pictures.