View Full Version : ChicklengNuris boss

07-22-2015, 01:46 PM
Name: ChicklengNurris.

Design: Is a gigant chicken with a rocket launcher in the wings and a robot eye.

The Assasin Eye: The eye throw a big laser to a trovian.

ALL EXPLODE: He throw big rockets from the rocket launchers.

Suicidal Chickens Invasion: The boss spawns suicidal chickens that will move the trovian and exploit.

Loot: Very RARE drop chance for the entire Party defeating him to drop a Bouncy Chicken Mount.
Rare Drops - Quad Forged Souls - Pentaforged Souls (Maximum of One a week per person)
Uncommon Drops - Shadow Keys - Shadow Caches - Shadow Level 3's
Common Drops Include - Eyes - Tentacles - Chicken balls - 1000 shapestone

if they put my boss in the game the best drawing will WIN 8k flux. So if you make a picture put your ING :D