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07-22-2015, 01:37 PM
So my idea is a large worm creature known as The Maw


A lot of people fear of what lies beneath the ocean floor, but one never stops to think what dwells just below their feet. What rarely comes to mind is hundreds of pounds of wormy flesh and teeth with an insatiable hunger.
The Maw is a beast that has lived in the darkness of Troves underground sanctums. It has recently run out of its favorite treat known as shapestone ore and has traveled upwards in search of more, but The Maw has discovered a much more tasty treat known as a trovian and they seem to be here in excess supply and The Maw has the rumblies that only trovians can satisfy.


Devour (Passive): As The Maw travels around the area it devours many blocks along the way. When it devours a certain amount it begins laying several eggs that will eventually hatch into Mini Maws unless stopped. Trovians provide more nutrients than the average blocks so if any are defeated by The Maw it will speed up the egg process much faster.

So basically to lay eggs lets say The Maw needs 100 points, each block is worth 1/4 or 1/2 a point and trovians are worth 10. So this isn't a boss you can just keep throwing yourself at without consequence.

Mini Maws come in 2 varieties: Acid Spewers(ranged) and Bone Chewers(melee)

Consume/Exhume: Consume allows The Maw to devour a large area dealing high damage to anything inside (including the Mini Maws). Everything devoured will scale up the damage and area of the next attack Exhume which launches a projectile in a straight path damaging all units in its path. Any Trovians caught in Consume will be stuck in The Maws mouth for the duration until Exhume is activated moments after.

This ability keeps players from grouping up and also puts a bit more importance in destroying the Mini Maws to keep the damage of Exhume from scaling up. It could also be used as an advantage for the players if they can avoid Exhume and still have the Mini Maws consumed in the process.

The points awarded for each object devoured is slightly lowered because The Maw isn't getting the full nutritional benefits but rather throwing it all up for a ranged attack.

Tremor: The Maw begins to shake the very foundation of the battlefield causing damage to whomever stays on the ground and lowers their movement speed. The vibrations send any remaining Mini Maws into a frenzy, increasing their movement and attack speeds.

This ability is pretty straightforward, stay in the air for the duration of the ability or get smacked. Once you land you need to be ready for the onslaught of enraged Mini Maws.


The Maw is designed to keep players active as they need to balance their time jumping and fighting. If players are keeping themselves in the air they won't be bothered much by many of The Maws abilities, but their energy won't regenerate which leaves their offence lacking allowing The Maw to produce more eggs which will hatch into monsters if left unchecked. Players also need to be careful not to die not only because your going to miss out on the sweet battle but you also speed up the process for another brood of Mini Maws. As for the point system maybe The Maw can have a bar indicating how many points it has till its next brood just to give players the heads up and whether or not to use cooldowns, or to make the fight much more unpredictable simply have no indicators at all.

Basic attacks will include melee only but with a large cleave as well as gaining points for the egg brood with each attack. Movement speed could be like a worms, not consistent but it kind of jumps from place to place.


The picture I provided doesn't have a horizontal view but evidence suggests it is a worm, it will have a worm body so it can go to its worm job and feed its worm family. As for the face it has several eyes and human like teeth on the upper jaw and sharp fangs on the lower jaw to keep stuff in it's noise hole. It is also large, maybe about 4-5 shadow colossus long. This is easily subject to change.

I was thinking maybe if possible instead of a health bar to indicate its current condition the worm could have 2 layers of skin, the first layer being engulfed in shadow giving the idea of being some sort of nightmare incarnate but as the battle goes on its true layer is revealed to be nothing but a large worm and not this shadowy unstoppable titan. So it gives players a boost of confidence as the creature they are fighting with no indication of a health bar begin to lose parts of its shadowy armor, marking progress for the fight.

That's my idea for a Shadow Titan, suggestions are appreciated!

07-22-2015, 04:08 PM
I made a quick sheet of how The Maw looks horizontally as well as the Mini Maws and the eggs.


My ms paint skills are atrocious but this gives you an idea of how it would be positioned.

07-22-2015, 04:34 PM
bumpin cause I found my original file with colors yay!

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