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07-22-2015, 01:09 PM
Shadow Titan Idea: War Cheif
I Think That The Titan Should be a giant fat guy with spider legs. This is because he would be a cannibal. He could have bones scattered around his lair and possibly some splashes of blood or meat. (I understand if blood and meat in a cannibals lair is to gruesome feel free to skip that if you want). Then there would be giant webs all around the lair that have small minions (Some form of spider or possibly miniature version of the War Chief). Then He Would have in his hand a giant rattle with a skull on one end (so basically like a tribal staff thing). His possible abilities are as follow;

1. "Spiders Dark Magic" He would spin a web around all of the players within 10 blocks and start launching out dark spheres of magic that would each do around 50 to 150 damage. The webs can be escaped by the player rapidly pressing the interact key for a short amount of time (default interact key is E)

2. "Shadow Warriors Throw" He would reach with one of his fat arms and grab a player then would proceed to throw the player to the nearest wall for about 75 damage per block that the player has to travel to get to the wall then 200 to 400 damage upon hitting the wall (damages can be changed up to you these are estimations of what seams fair without being overpowered or too weak)

3. "Dark Crunch" First he would have an animation of him getting low and ready to lunge so players have time to get out of the way. Then he would lunge and grab a player from a maximum of 15 blocks away. After grabbing the player he would start gnawing on the player for about 100 damage per bite and would do this five times for a total of 500 damage (Your choice to change the damage scale)

Other Ideas For Moves If The First Ideas would not work, were to weak/powerful or just did not fit the theme of the game;

1. "Tribal Magic" He would wave his tribal wand around and players within a 10 block radius would randomly have one of 5 effects;

A. "Sleepy Spell" the player would fall into an unmovable state of being sleepy allowing no weapons or otherwise to be used however this will only last 5 seconds and allies can still be active during its effects.
B. "Dry Tongue" the player loses half of its potions but other than this there are no effects
C. "Shadow Curse" the players vision would cut out and turn to darkness for 5 seconds
D. "Spiders Children" 10 small spiders would appear to attack for the War Chief
E. "Tribes Good Side" The player is buffed with one of three traits; Healing for 5 seconds, Invulnerability for 5 seconds, and Potions which would give them 5 potions

2. "Tiki Flames" The War Chief Shoots fire from its wand to a random player for 100 to 200 damage

3. "Cannibals Secret Treat" The Chief takes out a giant chicken wing and devourers it for 100 to 300 health to be returned to himself

4. "Shadow Dash" The War Chief Dashes around the room for 10 seconds with no set end location in mind dealing 100 to 500 damage to each player he runs into

5. "Final Feast" He chooses a random player in the room with him and appears to eat them removing half of their remaining health and giving it to himself

6. "Fly in the web" He throws a random player into the nearest web on a wall dealing 100 damage and leaving the player stuck. The player can get out of this web by rapidly pressing the interact key (default to new players is e)

Once this boss dies he should give some sort of shadow item, a resplendent item and one of the following an ally, a mount, a set of wings, or a new type of boat that would be able to go in lava and plasma as well as any unmentioned liquids In the game.

Thank you, with all hope in this doing amazing and with hope the War Chief wins the contest
-Satan (My account in game is Kringal)
Everyone feel free to comment your idea about this boss, your criticisms and much more.