View Full Version : The Hunter

07-22-2015, 12:34 PM
The Hunter is a trovian who used to play as a gunslinger before the alpha. This trovian never logged out and was consumed by the game. The Hunter's sole purpose is to protect Trove's world from new trovians.

The hunter spawns in an adjacent biome from a player and will hunt down any trovians in the area. It will only use ranged weapons. If possible the Hunter should hide from players if there within a certain distance.

Ability 1 ) Call in the hounds - The Hunter will spawn a group of minions (custom or biome specific) that will force players into the Hunter's line of sight.
Ability 2 ) Lucky Shot - The hunter will fire a charged shot that can pierce one block and then deal area of effect damage.
Ability 3 ) Active Camo (passive) - When the Hunter is standing still it will take the form of a random object from the biome it's in.