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07-22-2015, 12:26 PM
Design: A large corrupted beserker whose armor is Cursed by magics with roots at the darkest parts of the cursed vale. Armor consists of a large ribcage which is covered in plate at the shoulders, chest, legs and wrists. He has pale skin and is as tall as a grave goliath(max size), his eyes are a corrupted shade of purple. As his weapons he wields a large scythe with the back being a war axe.

-[Spirit wrath] able to hurl a spirtual version of his scythe forwards with incredible force sending enemies flying.
-[Eath shattering throw] Hurls his scythe (axe head forwards) upwards landing a long distance away from him damaging enemies all around it, then he prepares to make a dash towards to scythe knocking all enemies aside. The scythe can be hit for extra damage but takes only 10% of the damage done.
-[Lunatic beserker rage] Pulls all enemies towards him and discards all debuffs giving them to nearby players, afterwards releases a fury of relentless attacks and rages around the room Taking 50% less damage and storing all damage dealt to be dealt at the end of the rage.
All the things noted in purple are just if this is possible.

-Lore(because someone is totaly going to read this):
First he lived a happy life just with his family for most of his years but in the last years of his schooling he started to have more and more fights at school eventualy leading to him being kicked out of school and his home. leaving home with nothing but a small bag of old bread. meanwhile the king of the city close to the town (did i mention this story takes place that far back? no? owh well.) was searching for new warriors and heard that there was a perticular kid around these parts and after he had heard that he has been kicked out he imedietly send men out to find the boy.
after days searching they had found him hungry and eyes with no emotion. The king was relentless and imedietly send the boy back to train his fighting. He was sent to the weapons room to pick out his favored weapon, he chose the rusted glaive in the back and charged at the guard that was acompaning him.
Years have passed and the boy was gifted a forged scythe-axe and has been made to the captain of the beserker unit, which consisted of few but relentless warriors that where not trained to fight in groups as many had seen deaths befall those who fought allongside them.
the day came that they where ordered to explore the cursed vale that was growing dangeriously close. upon ariving there most where imeadiatly wiped out by long range magics once they arrived at the gate only 3 remained one of which was the boy who had been named Zhan Khalzu. upon opening the gate another fell and the other fell victim to traps. Zhan was alone at this point and then a necromancer apeared before him, before he could even lift his scythe-axe he was paralized.
all the people know today is that he has returned and wants vengence for the way he was treated and looked at.

*looks back at what he has writen*
i blame noone for not reading that but i jut felt like writing a little backstory.
sorry for any spelling mistakes or not knowing much about the game since i am still quite new to this game.