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Low Ceiling
07-22-2015, 12:20 PM
The wild magical nature of the Fae lands allows for a great many strange things to happen within its borders. Not all of those things are good. For instance, a violent spirit could find its way into an ancient, enchanted fruit tree and begin wreaking havoc.

Basically, an evil Whispy Woods.

The tree had grown in two separate directions, making a Y-shape, but somewhere along the tree's long life, one side had been snapped off. The stump of that branch is now hollow and perpetually releasing a thick purple smog.
The other side remains intact, for a given value of 'intact'. There's a small, leering face growing out of it, partnered with an arm and over-large hand, growing out at about ear-level. The branches above the face are still wreathed in leaves and capable of producing fruit, but it's twisted and already rotting before it's fully grown.
The base of the tree is ringed by eerily-writhing roots, but they don't seem to provide any locomotion, leaving the Orchardkeeper's mobility a complete mystery.
In the center of the thick trunk is a large face with a massive underbite, acting like a visor for the hollow in which the spirit resides. The strange wisp flits back and forth, looking like a single glowing eye peering out balefully at whatever is in its way.

- Shadowshot Mortar
The Orchardkeeper fires a large ball of shadow energy out of the broken stump in an arc, knocking everything away from the point of impact.
- Vilefruit Volley
The grabs a handful of disgusting, half-rotten fruit from its boughs and pitches it into the fray, creating multiple poisonous clouds.
- Harrowing Harvest
The Orchardkeeper's jaw falls open and it fires a single, intense beam of energy.