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07-22-2015, 12:07 PM
This is my idea for a shadow titan:



Here's a bit of description for my Shadow Tumbler: The head and neck are a mauve colour fading into the black of the rest of the body. There are veins which are transparent so that you can see the acid and plasma flowing through its body-a neon blue colour. The three flaps of the mouth are a fleshy red colour with the blue veins showing inside them when the mouth is open. there are back spikes which are made of metal. They are conducting electricity which is how this Shadow Tumbler gains its energy. The legs are made of metal, with the skin of the Shadow Tumbler near the metal being a bright yellow. The sharp end of its stinger has 3 points, in a sort of trident shape.

I felt like creating a story for my design so here it goes :D
A secret organisation in the world (who knows where) wanted to save the earth and make a robotic being which could reduce the pollution in the air and cleanse it to replace it with filtered oxygen. They also tried to program it to pick up every piece of trash it sees and disintegrate it so that it takes up less space, but something, of course went totally wrong. The programming was faulty and what was supposed to be the savior robot, H.E.R.O. 1.0 was destined to be the destroyer of the doomed world. To stop this tragedy, the organisation posed as heroes, stopping their own creation, and created a cursed skull to trap it in. They held it in a shadow arena and the people of the world rested at peace. But then years later, the people got bored and wanted to fight it. They protested and finally, the organisation let people in the shadow arena, where the people of Trove could get rewarded for killing it, along with other monsters for entertainment, flux, experience, and SHADOW ITEMS! (but only if they were experienced enough in fighting to make shadow keys-they didn't want anyone who wasn't experienced to get hurt)

And that's how the Tale of the Shadow Tumbler goes. ^ w ^

I was thinking of a shadow titan design, but nothing would come to mind that I thought would go with the game. Then, finally, a monster that I could picture in the cube resolution of the game appeared in my mind. This creature has a venom sac, which is in its chest, and the more lethal it is, the more red the toxins are (blue is a little toxic, yellow is medium, and red is completely toxic and lethal) I have thought of 3 abilities that the Shadow Tumbler could use to attack the players;

1. The first ability that I have planned for my designed shadow titan is that since it has an extremely deadly venomous stinger, much like a wasp, then it can use this stinger to shoot arrow-like stingers at the players. I was thinking that to relate it better, its animation for the stinger to shoot should much be like the shadow hunters arrows. it has a very short cool down, and can be used quickly.

2. The Shadow Tumbler spits venom, but it takes 3-4 seconds to charge venom to spit at the players in a ''sprinkler" tactic. As shown in the visual image of the Shadow Tumbler, the mouth tenses inward, then the venom "heats up" making the mouth change colour (from blue, to yellow, to red) and finally, when the mouth turns red to indicate lethal venom, it opens the three flaps of its mouth to release the toxins in a sprinkler motion (which basically describes it to release venom while spinning around, in order to spit all around the immediate area). ALSO, the Shadow Tumbler has a sort of drool coming from its mouth, which is also the acid it spits, so when the toxic drool falls onto the floor, it makes a small splash that the players have to beware of, but only if the ''drool'' function is possible to make for trove.

3. The third and final battle tactic is that this creature stands up on its hind legs, and then uses its front legs to come down on the players with brute force. but this will cause it to be out of breath for about 2 seconds and will need those 2 seconds to "recharge" energy or cool down, but it would be difficult for the players to hit it at this time, because the effect of the impact would make a few shock waves in the form of a small earthquake (only if this is possible to program). This ability will serve as an ultimate attack much like the skill on hotkey 2 for the players.

Also for the movement animation for my design, I think it should be the "clumsy" type, since it has only thin, sharp, armored legs with no feet, it should be stumbling and sliding, but still very coordinated as to hit players normally.

I tried to model them in voxels, but this is my first voxel model so please have mercy!!!


This is the other side view:


This is top view:


And this is angled form the bottom view:


These models aren't too accurate to the drawing, so I hope if this gets put in game, you guys would make it a little more accurate in colours and model, but I hope this helps! (I'm not very good with these voxel modelling things XD )

Please check out my other shadow titan design, the Marionette!


07-23-2015, 11:41 AM
I like the design! It's really interesting visually :)

07-23-2015, 12:22 PM
Sounds cool enough
but what does te venom do? is it just damage or does it have other effects like disorentation or something?
i think it would be cool if the venom did something like that! (And it could be easely done in game by just reversing mouselook for the duration of the disorientate)

07-23-2015, 01:13 PM
Thanks! I was sorta thinking that the venom would have the effect of poisoning, kind of like when you receive damage multiple times when you go in the sea of regret or fall into lava. :)

07-23-2015, 01:38 PM
I find the concept weird but I like it...

Could you try to explain the skills in 1 sentence for each please? Seems like they are ideas but not concrete finalized skills?

07-23-2015, 03:15 PM
Sure, I'll summarize the skills:

the first skill is basically the shadow tumbler shooting the stingers at the players

the second skill is when the shadow tumbler spits venom at the players in a sprinkler motion, so that the area around the creature gets sprayed, but it take 3-4 seconds for it to charge its venom.

the third and final ability is its sort of ultimate attack which is when the shadow tumbler stands on its back legs and brings its front legs down on the players in front of it. But this attack makes it tired for 2 seconds which is a good time to attack, since it cant fight back at that time. and its cool down for this ability is 2 minutes.

This is pretty much the summary of the skills, thank you for your comment!

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Bump <^ w ^>

07-23-2015, 07:29 PM
updated with a backstory and voxel model! :D

07-23-2015, 07:34 PM
Very nice, I must commend you, it's a good first time model as well, especially for something relatively complex to recreate in voxels. Love the idea!

07-23-2015, 07:59 PM
Thank you very much! <^ w ^> I enjoyed making the model, maybe i'll make some more in the future :D

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