View Full Version : The Corrupted Viviks.

07-22-2015, 11:54 AM

Viviks, cheerful and greedy pirates, Trovian friends that used to assist them in their journeys to defend light that could easily be swallowed by shadow. Now their possesed by shadow bodies are looking for souls to put into their self-made cages. Their ship once stuck in the water, gained flight by q'bthulhu itself to make their job easier.


Ship that contains captain and 6 other pirates that control 3 different types of weaponry, captain himself controls the ship, where his crew simply tries to kill you. Crew can be killed to reduce ammount of danger.


On both decks, there are 2 gunners using inaccurate machine guns against you, gunners would be tanky as they could deal most damage.


Both of them controlling 1 energy type weapon that fires a massive seeking orb at 1 of the enemies.


Throwing explosives at you, different types of them (mines, grenades etc.)


Controlling the ship, if his crew is dead, he will forcefully try to kill as many enemies as he can, after that he will engage you in direct combat after his ship is blown up. With every crew member killed he will speed up his ship to try avoid more damage income.

There might be some typos, my english is not the best.. sorry..