View Full Version : The Shadowlock (concept art)

07-22-2015, 11:48 AM

As soon as I saw the post I just started coming up with a bunch of ideas for Shadow Titans! These were my final 4 concepts. I ended up picking the last one for my entry, but I may explore the first as I had a few fun ideas for that as well :)


The Shadowlock is a Shadow Titan bearing resemblance to a lizard. It is notorious for its ability to produce acid and has a nasty habit of splitting its head in two. Yikes.



There are 3 abilities that the Shadowlock possesses, with each of them posing a considerable threat to any Trovian! I included conceptual drawings to show how each one would work, as well as a sketchy voxel headshot just to get an idea of how this fella might translate into the game :'D


Bite - The Shadowlock splits its head to reveal two massive jaws. Any Trovian caught between them will have only a few seconds to escape before being clamped down on. Any unfortunate souls that take the hit have their health reduced to 1hp.

Charge - The Shadowlock charges forward, dealing damage and knocking back anyone in its path a significant distance.

Acid Burst - A pool of acid forms beneath the Shadowlock, inflicting a damage over time effect lasting up to 30 seconds on anyone caught in it. However, this effect can be cured with the use of a flask. This ability also causes smaller mobs to appear that attack the player.