View Full Version : The Mechataur

07-22-2015, 11:38 AM
I was thinking of what kind of a boss would go well with a tower/labyrinthine setting, and of course it can only be a Minotaur.

He could be the opening act, or maybe a surprise, lurking around in a room with lots of corners to hide behind, like the pacman style segment in the dungeon in neon city, with the winding halls and open area in the center.

He would be traditionally proportioned, big curved horns on his bull shaped head, muscled upper torso and hooves for feet, (I'm thinking twice the size of a shadow giant? maybe even three times if you guys feel like he needs to be bigger).

He would be swinging a giant battle axe in both hands, or maybe one in each. Some kind of chains on his wrists and scraps of cloth for clothing, so there's some wavy bits for detail.
He could maybe even do a sweeping attack with the chains as a stun to slow players down.
As the name implies he'd be robotic in nature, keeping with the colors used by the shadow giants, light and dark grey with glowing blue light in his eyes, on or around his chain cuffs etc. But that's the basic mental image I have going.

Primarily, the three abilities I thought of were these.

1st. He has an overhead smash attack, bringing his axe/s down in a powerful double handed strike, which could fire a shock-wave attack forward, and maybe have a radial stun/smash/AoE effect close around the point of impact.

2nd. He can summon minion support, to tie up the more nimble players, since he himself probably shouldn't be able to move too quickly. (Ideally he wouldn't be outclassed in speed too easily, but still be just slow enough you can react to his attacks)

3rd. Some kind of buff/debuff ability, a Roar or a Stomp making himself stronger/faster, or inversely making players slower/weaker with an added radial knockback effect. For when he's being punished so he can recover.

Abilities aside, the Mechataur pursues a single player, (whichever has the most aggro at the time) and makes wide horizontal slashes with his axe/s sweeping along the floor catching up any stray players too close to the intended target, as well as making an occasional jump/stomp attack when there are enough players close by. mid to slow movement speed, unless buffed, then it would be mid to high.

And if a weak-point is required (I'm unsure of this) he could have a power-source or something in his chest that takes higher damage than the rest of him, or something along those lines.

So this is my idea, any and all feedback is appreciated, let me know what you think! Maybe you guys have a better idea for one of his abilities, maybe the design needs some tweaking, (why a robot? he could just be a floating torso with tentacle legs!) I wanna hear the ideas, so that maybe we can make this guy unique. :)