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07-22-2015, 10:37 AM
Grimmith, The Reaper

Little backstory
Grimith is an unknown creature that emerged in Uber world, his objective is to control all uber world by spawning his towers everywhere, killing all who dare to challenge him.

As a reaper, Grimmith uses an deep purple robe, using little scythes to help him in the combat.
Be sure to unzoom the images, because i used an enormous canvas.
Cube for trovian scale and Sketch by me.


First Skill: Tomb Evoke
Grimmith Starts evoquing shadow marks that follows the all the players in the floor, after an short canalization, tombs emerge from that mark dealing high damage and knocking up the player.

Second skill: Sweeping
Grimith elevates his flying knuckles and spins, summoning shadow waves, encursing who get hit.
Curse makes the player take a little damage when he attacks.

Third Skill: Desperado
When Grimmith Gets 25% of his health, he reveals his true form, increasing his range and damage, gaining a new set of skills.


Desperado Skills:

First skills: Drain life
Desperado unleashes his tongue into an random player, becaming invunerable,but the tongue, draining life till the player its dead. (Players can attack the tongue to interrupt the skill)

Second skill: Stabbing Menace
Desperado starts stabbing really fast in all directions, causing AOE damage.

Third skill: Soul bomb
Desperado summons an soul from his mouth and that helps him attack, when the soul is dead, it explodes causing little aoe damage.

As the battle starts, make sure to stay close to him, as his only AOE skill is Sweeping, When he starts summoning Tomb evoke, time the skill to jump and avoid the skill, but be carefull, as soon he uses the tomb Evoke, he will combo the knock up with Sweeping, so just a few jumps and try not to stay in the air during it and be carefull while attacking when cursed.
When he turns into desperado, the battle changes immediately, Stay a little far from his, as he will summon soul bombs that will make aoe damage, as like satbbing menace, when he uses Drain life in someone, stop attacking him, cause in mean time he's invulnerable, start attacking the tongue, that have low life, or the player that who got drained will die.