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07-22-2015, 09:55 AM
Thorn of the World
A living dungeon that takes the appearance of an obelisk above ground. It will fall from the sky landing in biomes that are populated with several players. Players must enter into a portal at the base of the obelisks and destroy it's dark heart.

Ability 1 ) world creep (passive) - as time passes a circular area around the Hive Mind increases consuming some destructible blocks and placing spikes on the remaining blocks.
Ability 2 ) enlistment (passive) - every dungeon and mob inside the world creep's area is consumed becoming the hearts new defenses (inside the obelisk).
Ability 3 ) death ray - the Thorn can emit a laser from the top of the obelisk. On impact an explosion occurs that causes knock back.

The inside of the obelisk is made up of modules. If the Thorn has just landed there will only be one module that consists of the heart. As trash mobs are consumed they are added to the first module until a dungeon is consumed at which point a new module is added consisting of that dungeon. This repeats until the entire biome is consumed or the heart is destroyed.

If left uncheck the Thorn can consume an entire biome creating a gauntlet of bosses inside the obelisk leading to the heart.

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