View Full Version : Shadow Titan : god of destruction

07-22-2015, 09:31 AM
NAME : Vajrayaksa the god of destruction

DESIGN : like the god ( hold a sword , a wheel ,a bow , an arrow , a bell and a vajra ), more huge than normal boss , 5 time theirs height , many player are require to kill him

BASIC ATTACK :[/COLOR] use his fist

FIRST ABILITY : shock wave ( use when he have 80 % of his health )

the boss jump in the air at a huge altitude , take his wheel, , dive to the ground and with the impact of the ground when he fall and create a shockwave that launch the player if he don't jump

SECOND ABILITY : crazy arrow (50 % of health )
the boss turn round with his bow and unleash many arrows that goes anywhere in the room at a high speed but some aim at the players in the room

THIRD ABILITY : madness ( 30 % of health )
the boss make his bell ring , destroy his stuff , bring out 6 sword and unleash powefull attack

P.S: i am not Buddhist , i find this buddha charismatic and cool and seem perfect to be a boss ( and sorry for the writting , english in not my native language )