View Full Version : Shadow Titan! Gragas the Undead King of Titans

07-22-2015, 09:22 AM
Hello, I've been thinking about this for a while and I decided.. I have been playing around with the words Shadow and Titan...

Name: Gragas King of Titans

Design: A titan Covered in Armour with a battle axe. Big armour pieces on his shoulders, Knees, Elbows and every where else will have armour just those specific parts will be a bit bigger... He is an undead his face would look like a skeleton and every thing else would be covered in armour. Carrying a big battle axe

Titans are tanky and as we all know there a pain What if we added in a Big Titan boss that Does the abilities listed Below:


1: Wind Shadow: Your sword Bashes through the ground making all Enemies KnockBack around you Dealing Physical Damage

2:Titan Strike: The titan Lunges a big strike to enemies in front of him Dealing Physical damage

M2: Trovian Tree: The titan grants 30% more armour when in combat But gains 30% slowness

Uncommon: Legendary Weapon (Melee/Ranged depending on your class), 1x Chaos Chests
Common: Relic Face - 1x Shadow Diamond and 50x infinium, 35x Bottles, 100x Formicite, 250x Flux
Very Rare: Relic ring that grants 2000 Physical Damage - 3x Elysian Jugs
Extremely hard to get: Shadow Hat and 1 Shadow Key
LEGENDARY: Resplendent Weapon (Melee/Ranged depending on your class)
And a mount that grants 200 Movement speed.