View Full Version : (Shadow Titan) The Forgotten Mage

07-22-2015, 09:12 AM
Here something simple yet would be a little bit of a challenge. Why not have a boss that looks normal like a human, but is dawned in mage attire, such as mage robes, pointy hat, and big scary staff, he can be big or small like a trovian, which ever the devs decide, and periodically he disappears into a spawned portal that is summoned by him, and you can have a choice, venture forth into the portal following him, and kill him there and make it a short fight, but doing so the boss becomes enraged and more powerful there as he draws upon the twisted nether, but doing so in defeating him there will yield greater rewards for all who venture fourth, than those who do not, and choose to stay outside If one does not choose to venture inside the portal, a group of enemies that are hard to kill appear, and have a chance to drop something after each killed, and this "portal phase" can last for 1 minute (or whatever the devs see fit) to either kill the boss in its portal area, or outside, but the portal phase happens only one time per boss encounter, and it can be at random, when he is at full health, half health, or almost dead, or anywhere in between.

Feel Free to add some suggestions to this, it would be something cool, and unique, and a challenge.