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07-22-2015, 06:54 AM
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I see it as a Dream Monster boss in terms of size. It towers over players with a mighty stature, similar to that of a Shadow Giant that typically warps in from the sky. His name is "Shadow Leviathan" or something along those lines.

The boss is similar in design to a Shadow Giant only with far more expanded chest plating and a bulky, Shadow Knight (two eyed) helmet to match, and wields a Shadow Giant sword except a bit more jagged at the edge. The colour scheme is a far darker tint of grey, almost completely black, and the head and chest glow is purple. In terms of walking animations, the towering stature reduces the walking animation speed. Oh, and of course, it just has a normal attack. Can't forget the good ol' slashy slashy.

Matters of Life and Death
I'm guessing that his appearance isn't just simply "appearing", but warping in similar to that of a Shadow Giant... again. Upon defeating this boss, the death explosion is far greater than any enemy since, y'know.. it's powerful and could ******* you up easily.


His first ability involves the Titan periodically using a shield (which can maybe change his tint) that is nearly immune to either physical damage or magical damage. His regeneration delay is removed at this point, and can regenerate at any time while this skill is active, but the rate is a slowed down to balance. The shield damage negation leaves him vulnerable to the other type, sadly. The shield buff can only be disabled through repeated damage of the other type, or though a lot more attacks of the same type.
His second ability will be an attack that cuts players down to size. This attack deals a colossal amount of damage, lowering nearly all players down to 1HP but only deals it in a short 360 shockwave around itself, which reaches around 10 blocks. This attack leaves a very clear telegraph, but it takes 10 seconds to charge up, and will be completely immobile while charging, giving players time to flee. This will follow up with a weak attack that will finish players off who were foolish enough to think battling is all about constantly hitting and not paying attention.
The final ability rarely spawns tall pillars of Primal Purple Blocks in an area of around 10 blocks around the boss. These can be broken easily, but require lasers to break. Trovians will have to work together to free themselves of the blocks while fending off attacks. These blocks will disappear after 20 seconds to prevent complications with the boss movement. The second ability usually follows after this and covers the entire area, so players MUST escape or jump very high to avoid dying. These pillars don't reach the top, so any players who will be standing on them while they appear can move off them.

In my opinion, this boss is more than something that needs to use the attack, flask, flee, repeat method. It requires teamwork with Trovians, and being able to know your bosses and methods.
Keeping players on their toes with different, unique abilities is this boss' deal. Using shields, evadable instant-kill attacks and trapping players in a pillar of blocks with it. Adapting to the enviroment and task at hand are key for survival.

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