View Full Version : Collosai the Wanderer

07-22-2015, 06:42 AM
Collosai, a huge boss with 2 large arms and 2 smaller legs that walks like a gorilla. A big tesla coil on his back with cables down his arms and a small head with a mouth and one big eye that can fire a lazerbeam.

Ability 1:Collosai fires a lazerbeam from his eye for 5 seconds that follows the attackers. The less health he got the more beams he'll fire.

Ability 2: Collosai charges towards the attackers. The less health he got the more lightning will surround him that makes this ability stronger.

Ability 3: Collosai smashes his fists into the ground and charges his tesla coil. After a few seconds when the coil is powered up it unleashes a devastating electric pulse that deals a helluva lot of damage. To prevent this, players must attack his arms when he's charging the coil and deal enough damage to interrupt this ability.