View Full Version : Ruster the clockwork titan

07-22-2015, 06:34 AM
Ruster takes the form of a massive spider, built up of dozens of rusty cogs, pulleys, pipes and chains. Under the belly of Ruster lies a cage suspended by steel chains and ropes, in the cage lies a control panel and a small undistinguishable figure, seemingly controling the titan. The titans abdomen would be a drill, which would occasionally drill into the ground to signal one of its attacks, being that it would collect gems as it drilled to shoot the gems at you. (The gems would be a steriotypical red hexagonal gem [or atleast as hexagonal as it can be])
It second attack would be it reversing into you, whilst spinning the drill.
The third and final attack would be it leaping into the air and trying to slam into you with its drill (You can see a pattern here, cant you?)

Please consider this idea.