View Full Version : ''The Protector Of The Fallen.''

07-22-2015, 05:50 AM
The Design: A large runic creature, that has stone layer covering his body. His left arm is big with strange markings and 3 fingers, while his riht is a smaller version with 3 aswell. His chest is leaking molten lava, while his chest is covered in black small tendrils. He would have 2 legs, and 2 heads. The first head has 3 teeth, and one eye. While the other has 2 and 2 eyes.
Skills: 1) He would smash his left arm to the ground, sending players flying away, and breaking blocks. 2) He would breath fire in a cone infront of him, slowly breaking blocks and burning players.
3)He would grab a bunch of blocks, and throw them at the players, the blocks would stay on the landing place, hurting players, and knocking players back.