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07-22-2015, 05:42 AM
Nyxion, Titan of Neverending Shadows
Name Reference: Nyx, Greek/Roman Entity of the Night/Shadows

Looks:Imagine a Shadow Giant, far larger than the normal ones, then change the color scheme to a darker form of it. Now imagine its head being a helm of pure shadows, burning dark and purple-y. His arms would also have Shadowflame fists

His weapon would be nothing but his Shadowflame fists, which is associated with his abilities.


Ability 1: Normal Attack/Ranged Attack
He would throw a Shadowflame Orb/Ball at you,and when you are hit,causes burning/lava damage,or if you are in range, Melee attack you for a moderate amount of damage.

Ability 2:Shadow Burst
Teleports to a random player and after 1 second, exhumes/releases a "weak" Dark Energy Burst, taking out 5000 of the Targeted Characters Health. If this Mechanic doesn't work for the Trovian Creators, since I have no idea how they program/create the Monsters, then it just damages everyone on a 360 degree 30 ft Wide Circle

Ability 3: Shadow Wrath
This would be this Boss' "ultimate skill" having the ability to deal ALOT of Damage if you are not careful on where you go.
The boss would basically just start exhuming random shadowflame balls everywhere, and anyone hit would be dealt damage. This skill would have a measure to let players know where the fireballs would go, a Black Targeter would appear on where the Shadow Balls would land.

Ability 4: What's a general without minions? Titans even. This ability is basically,Summon Shadow Giants/Shadow Minions/Shadow Knights.

TO DEVELOPERS: If Damage is too high,or too low, then you can just adjust it to however you like.

Please tell me what you think of it.