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07-22-2015, 05:41 AM
Hey, I think I can contribute to the Boss creation really well with...
Twin Skulls - The unmasked marauders
This character differs from the original Shadow boss because this one is more based on tactical ability / Magic that will cripple the opponent,
Rather than plain brute strength. :P
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Twin skulls with two massive hands, it has no body. One of the skull glows blue whilst the other glows red.
Indicating it abilitys of fire and ice, however this could be tweaked so that they are both a dark black colour to further implement Shadow arena.
I also made a picture of it so I hope you ya'll appreciate it [note] It didn't have the hands in the picture because I did not have enough space.
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I've tried my best to make his abilities balanced, so here it goes.
1] Twin skulls smashes the ground emmiting a burst of energy ( Or ice ) that slowly damages the enemy whilst slowing them for 5 second,
However, if twin skulls is below 30% Hp it will cripple the enemy for 2 seconds making them unable to attack him for the time being. The range won't
be all that big so that it will mostly effect the close range tanks such as candy barbarian, warrior and so on so forth. I chose to make it a smaller radius
because it gives more meaning and use to certain classes in team fights: it gives the classes more of a purpose rather than mindless attacking, ya' know?
After this ability has been activated in addition Twin skulls will gain an extra 50% attack speed bonus.

2] Okay, so I think this ability is quite a fun one because it is more a dumbed down version of the dracylotes Auto attack. The second ability
will be to launch a shadow bolt ( Or fire bolt ) that ignites the enemy it moves fairly fast and the reason I have chosen this ability is because I am
beginning to come to the conclusion that players don't use the shift as much as they could: it is has so much use in strategic play, so by forcing players
to use it to survive I think gives off more of a complex battle, it's also a lot more interesting :D, In addition, it will knock back it's enemies quite a far distance away from it.

3] I really had a lot of fun thinking up this last ability! Okay, so, this ability will be an ability that absorbs hits and repels back the amount of damage
he took during the period of 3 seconds of this ability's activation, it will then repel this damage back to the player overtime so as the player has time to use his/her flasks. I think this is a good ability because it makes players more aware of when they attack rather shoot first ask questions later. Twin skulls will also heal for 15% of the damage taken. Whilst this is activated it will also draw enemies in for a quick finish.
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Anywho, I hope ya'll take mine into consideration, thank you.