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07-22-2015, 05:19 AM
I'm not word creative so there is no back story or fancy name for the boss.

Design idea for the Shadow Titan:
(I couldn't upload the file to the forums as it exceeded image size and after resizing it exceeded file size limit, thus I used a gyazo link)
The 3-Headed Dragon is a flying mob using purple wings (similar to wings of darkest night) and uses the spikes as a basic attack, stabbing the player (spikes move into each other, similar to a hair grip)

I guess these are the abilities: (Each with bad names)
Fire breath: The red head shoots fire in a cone area for 4 seconds which does medium damage over time lasting 5 seconds, impacts all characters hit. (5 seconds is from last impact of fire) The red head should have effects similar to the Dracolyte's minion when charged, this would allow players to predict attacks.

Ice Ball: The blue dragon head shoots a large ice projectile which explodes on impact dealing high impact damage and medium AOE damage, also slows players hit for 6 seconds. The middle head should briefly charge the attack and give a blue particle effect so players can see which attack is to come.

(Worst name below)
Root Constriction: The green head places circles on the floor (1.5 block radius) which after 1 second roots players for 2 seconds and then deals % health damage to constricted players. The circles on the floor should be clearly indicated to give clear visibility to players. When constricted the player can only use M1 attacks, this means the attack is more impactful towards melee and mage classes due to limited range or reduced DPS from spells. (Root Constriction disallows players to use flasks for the duration)

The basic mechanics for avoiding damage from Nerroth is to see which head is charging an attack and avoid each ability in a specific way, either to escape range of the Fire Breathe, roll avoiding Ice Ball or to avoid Root Constriction

This is pretty much my idea for a Shadow Titan, if any mistakes are found or you have a question feel free to ask, enjoy the game! :)

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