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07-22-2015, 04:11 AM
Collosus is a mass of rocks. His body is one big chunk shaped similarly to a T, his hands are 2-3 chunks of long rocks (his right hand is 2, his left is 3). He is immobile and moves slowly dragging his body with his hands, but can leap, we'll get to that later. As for his 3 skills:

Skill 1: Terra Smash

Collosus uses his hands to leap in the air, preparing to smash the ground with his hands as he lands. 1 second after he leaps there is a shadow on the area he will fall. As he lands, he deals massive damage to enemies beneath (the special attack damage other mobs have) and knocks enemies away depending on how close they were to the landing center.

Skill 2: Bouncy Explosion

Collosus enters a defensive stance, where he reduces 60% of incoming damage for 5 seconds. He then unleashes a storm of rocks in all directions (8-16 rocks, RNG boys), dealing increased damage for every bit damage he took during the stance. The rocks fly away ~20 blocks. During the next 5 seconds, Collosus takes 60% increased damage. After the 5 seconds have passed, the rocks then accelerate back to Collosus, dealing damage to enemies depending on their speed (they're faster the closer they get to Collosus), and heal Collosus for (characters hit)% HP.

Skill 3: Survival Rage

Once Collosus falls below 20% HP, he is able to use Survival Rage, deals 20% more damage and takes 20% less damage. After using Survival Rage, he switches stances. His attack stance makes him deal 40% more damage but takes away his damage reduction. His defensive stance makes him reduce all incoming damage by 40%, but takes away his bonus damage.

Collosus is pretty big, probably 4x4 or so. He is pretty high, possibly 8-10 blocks high. He attacks by swiping and backhanding, but can only hit one target. He leaps every 30 s or so, Uses bouncy explosion 10s after landing from a leap, or 10s before a leap. If most of the damage he takes is ranged, he will leap first, while if most of the damage he takes is melee, he will use the explosion first. He has some nice range, although Fae and Ice Sage will outrange him. Regardless, he will still be able to hit pirates, dracolytes and tomb raisers if they're in their attacking range. Collosus will generally turn on his offensive mode when using skills, while using his defensive mode while basic attacking.

He has a black aura around him, with 2 dark flames acting as his eyes. Whenever he is channeling Bouncy Explosion, the black aura around him will burst like flames, signalling he's about to make the battleground nasty. After he dies, the rocks disassemble and are pulled in a dark, shadow portal in the ground slowly, like quicksand.

07-22-2015, 04:28 AM
just a heads up, Collosus is the name of the boss currently in shadow arena. http://trove.wikia.com/wiki/Dream_Monster