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07-22-2015, 03:39 AM
Ghaarum the Moon King will be big, flying titan. To kill him, you need to destroy his Shadow Blorbs (Block + Orb ;-; ) that appear in different places and attack you. Ghaarum will try to smash you with his arms and stun you for even 5 seconds.

All event:


Suspicious table with empty place for Moon medalion. To activate the event, you need to use The Medalion of Darkest Moon. Then the Moon on the sky will get bigger and will change it's colour to red. It will stay at highest possible place on sky to the end of event.

The first phase

You will fight with the mirror image of you. You as the half-ghost of your body. It can be very hard to code, so there is a second option:
You will fight with a monster that looks like you, but without head. So if you will be e.g. the Neon Ninja, you will fight with the Neon Ninja without head but shadow flame on its place.
It will be a bit hard cause it will have the same stats as you.
After you defeat yourself, the message over the Moon table will appear:
"Only true warrior can defeat his own soul. Congratulations! But can you defeat the Moon?"
The light is coming out of Moon table. It's finally breaking with the reflection of Eye.

The second phase

The lighting falls from the sky breaking the reflection and the Moon King comes from the ground. The real fight begins. Ghaarum will fly in center of arena looking at The Shadow Blorb with his eye. The shield appear around him. The Shadow Blorbs appear from different spots of the arena. You can fight only one that is beeing focused by Ghaarum. The rest Shadow Blorbs can still attack you, but you can't attack them. After you destroy the first Shadow Blorb, the Moon King will try to smash you with his arms. You can dodge it with good timing and hitting the Dodge button. Then he will laugh and look at other Shadow Blorb. It will continue until you destroy all the Shadow Blorbs. Ghaarum will laugh like crazy loosing his shadow shield.

The final phase

Ghaarum will look at you (when in multiplayer, Ghaarum will look at everyone. Well, it would work like this: You see him looking at you, the other player sees him looking at him. If it will be hard to code, then just do the same thing as always, the Ghaarum will focus at player that he is going to attack). Moon King will try to smash you with his arms. As before, you can dodge it. After some attacks, he summons tentacles coming out of the ground in random places. Then, he will smash his arms to the ground stunning everything on the arena (you can dodge this by jumping in the same time as he smashes the ground) and smashing everyone who is stunned with very big damage. After you defeat him, the shadow flames come out of him. He is screaming painfully and finally, he breaks into many parts, like every mob in the game. The big chest appears in the place of Moon table. There is a text over it saying:
"The power of the Moon fills your soul."
Day appears and you can finally destroy the chest containing wonderful loot!

I hope you liked my idea of it... But I am concerned about the devs couldn't make this due to boss not beeing in style of Trove. But fighting a boss that just follows you and attacks you as every boss is a bit boring, isn't it?

And remember...

07-22-2015, 03:44 AM
Moon in the sky? Day returns? you do remember this is INSIDE a TOWER right? :/

07-22-2015, 03:58 AM
Moon in the sky? Day returns? you do remember this is INSIDE a TOWER right? :/

Oh, I though it will be in the tower in style of normal dungeon, not in style of shadow arena with different world. But devs still can add some glass blocks on the ceiling :v