View Full Version : Rathianious's Downfall

07-21-2015, 10:56 PM
Rathianious (Rath-ee-an-us)

(Only if anyone would like this coming at them 500 mph in the dark) : http://whirledmedia.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/0f7fa489d98a60c05494b3758e1c39bf0dc57fad.png

I did not colour it for that others may pick its colour scheme out- also I didn't feel like it. :'^)

Movement speed: Varies from slow to decently fast.
Height: Assumed im allowed this; 10 blocks tall.

Small bonus:If a player attacks from behind and manages to be touched by it's loose electrical wires it may cause constant 3% damage for 5 seconds.

Move pool:
Backlash- Moves his tail in a circle to throw players back but he suffers a 10-15 second cooldown before he's allowed to move once more, if he manages to hit said players he knocks them back where there's a 5% chance to cause the player to destroy blocks in the walls.

Cloud Smash- He thrashes his left arm about in a manner where he may possibly cause a player to be trapped and hit repeatedly for 50% his normal damage. Afterwards of this move he may pause and preform a backlash move and resume per se movement.

Gale stare- If the player see's said boss and makes eye contact after a screech of metal sliding across one another they become paralyzed; the screen all about fades into black as the boss moves closer and closer, with each step the boss's eyes through it's helmet shine,and in the end as it's close enough it smashes it's left hand down onto the player and causes about 70% HP loss.

(You may use this or not tbh im in it for the drawing- also i just want my fae panda to be obtained thursday :'^) I pain inside.)
P.S the picture looks small but as you zoom in it's quite large.