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07-21-2015, 10:00 PM
If you are a big mythology nerd like myself then you might have heard of theTeumessian fox, and if you have heard of it you should know that it was destined never to be caught. Well that’s about to change. It’s tired of running and is ready for a fight. And before anyone asks, no this is not the nine tailed fox or whatever from Naruto so get that out of your head!

She is a creature of mass illusion and mystery. Its deep red fur glimmers and shines as it runs just enough to keep it insight. It is always in the perfect range never to close but never too far away. Her bright blue eyes always hold a sparkle as she continues on playing cat and mouse, but now she is closer to you than ever. The real question here is who the predator is and who is the prey?

This shadow giant is a large fox that focuses on hit and run techniques and evasion. In lore a man named Amplitron was set the task to catch the wolf as punishment but he could never touch him with his hands. This being said the boss will take far less damage from melee attacks and far more from ranged. Do not confuse this as an excuse to have everyone go ranged as the beast will still have a decent amount of health and damage. Just think of it as getting a hit on the creature up close will be hard and most likely a bad idea. This carries on to his abilities: •Shadow Swipe •Ancestral Dance and •Distance Shift.

•Shadow Swipe: Unexpectedly the monster will become hidden to the naked eye. The only way to track it is to look very faint shimmering particles. It will attempt to get close to a player and conduct a heavy melee attack dealing mass damage and knockback. This attack can hit several players if in range of swing.

•Ancestral Dance: The fox duplicates into two creatures one alive the other a trick. Works like the shadow arena dragon’s ability, but they move a lot faster and in mirrored moves.

•Distance Shift: The beast hurls itself in a direction in the blink of an eye hurting all players in its path leaving them stunned for 2-3 seconds.

Thanks for reading, please consider this boss! -Pickle_

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