View Full Version : Shadow Colossus Boss: Verengaisua

07-21-2015, 09:54 PM
Boss Name (optional): Verngaisua (veren-gai-za)

Appearance: A four legged and hair-less wolf with a set of curved horns on its head, fangs as wide as can be. Its legs are plated in shadow plate and its eyes glow a bright red, the skin being colored with a dark purple. Itíd, from the nape of the neck have a rivet of dark colored (any shadow color) spikes. The beastís tail would have spikes running down to the end, where there would be shadow metal plate running on the underside of the tail. (optional) As the boss is attacked the metal plates may fall off, increasing damage dealt to the boss but also increasing its movement and attack speed.


1st Shadow Totem: The boss places a shadow totem below it, slowing the attack speed, regeneration speed, and energy regeneration speed simultaneously. Continues for 1 minute or until destroyed.

2nd Spectral Howl: The boss howls, stunning ranged attackers and sending melee combatants backwards a few yards. It does minimal damage and this howl is used sparingly. The stun on ranged combatants lasts 2 seconds.

3rd: Blood rage: The boss, when on low health activates this ability which increases his armor (or resilience rating) and increases in attack speed, as well as moves .5x faster than normal. Normal agro techniques donít work and the boss can only be stopped unless stunned/frozen. The boss would attack anyone at random. The ability lasts 10 seconds.

Note: Edit the timing, damage ratio, attributes, name and abilities all you want.
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