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07-21-2015, 09:39 PM
What is The Reliquary? (Non canon):

Every devil has a doorman. That is like.. A part of the Devil's code (right?). For the great evil Q'bthulhu, The Reliquary is the one who answers when you knock at his door.
The Reliquary is a container. Wielding a shadow crystal more powerful than anything any Trovian has seen.. until now.
The Reliquary is the final thing standing in you and your allies way to entering Q'bthulhu's domain and destroying all evil at it's heart. Face this creature, mighty heroes, if you dare.




Q'bthulhu Beckons! - The Reliquary does an arm swing, cleaving in front of him, dealing TONS of damage, but the damage is distributed between all trovians hit. (Pro tip: Don't leave your buddies to die from this move!)

Enter the Darkness! - The Reliquary charges up it's shadow crystal for around 1-1.5 seconds, then releases an shadow blast covering the entire floor for a very short period of time. All trovians hit are slowed and have their energy drained.

You Will Fear the Shadows! - The Reliquary releases a flurry of small shards targeting multiple trovians dealing damage.

Alternate Abilities! (AKA: Runner-Ups):



- Pushes all trovians in a short radius around The Reliquary to the edge of the boss room, dealing damage to and slowing all trovians hit.


- Knocks up all trovians in an area (different from the one that hits melee-ranged classes), greatly reducing the amount of jumps the trovians hit can use for a short time.

- The Reliquary raises a hand into the air, then launches out a series of mortars (similar to those found in Dragonfire Peaks).


- If The Reliquary takes too much damage in a short period of time, it enters a sort of "mini rage", dishing out attacks faster, dealing slightly more damage, and taking reduced damage for a short time.



- The Reliquary punches the ground 3 times, each slam releases a short burst that trovians can jump over.

- The Reliquary charges up it's shadow crystal for around 1 second (with a different animation than the other charge), then releases a shadow beam out of the front and back of it's chest and spins. Any trovian hit is slowed and takes massive damage over time for the duration they are in the beam.

Single-Multi Target:

- The Reliquary releases a large shard that targets a nearby trovian, dealing damage.

Questions you won't ask but we answered anyways:

Q: What the heck is a Reliquary?
A: A reliquary is a container for a relic.

Q: How does that pertain to a boss..?
A: To the team that worked on this project, the boss isn't the giant hulking creature, it is the Shadow Core inside of its chest.

Q: What is it made out of?
A: Bedrock and stuff.. Held together by shadow energy and.. Yeah.

Q: Why are there wings in the concept art?
A: They are a draft for potential drop you can get from the boss.

Q: So who did what in this project?
A: Quellv did the majority of the writing, while Vvilhelmine did the art. While we both worked together in making The Reliquary.

If you have any more questions, commentary, criticism (constructive, or otherwise!), post below! We would love to hear what you have to say!

-The Reliquary Dev team
(Quellv & Vvilhelmine)

07-21-2015, 09:44 PM
Heyy, I worked on this! (Which is why my name is mentioned a few times in there!)

07-22-2015, 12:09 AM
Just a little update on the Shattered Wings concept for this boss.

The wings carry over the design of Shadow-bound Stone Shards from the Reliquary himself, with suspended shards and shadow energy flowing in between them.

Upon defeating the Reliquary, core shards are dropped in a random number, between 2 and 5. You can combine 50 of these shards at the Shadowy Market to forge yourself a Reclaimed Core, a chest that can be opened akin to a Chaos Chest.

Upon opening a Reclaimed Core you will be the owner of one of the following:

Common (1:3)

Eye of Q'bthulu x50
Tentacle of Q'bthulu x5
Shadow Shards x10

Uncommon (1:50)

Twice-Forged Shadow Soul
Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul
Shadow Shards x20

Rare (1:500)

Quad-Forged Shadow Soul
Penta-Forged Shadow Soul

Ultra Rare (1:1000)

Shattered Wings

Overall this concept isn't needed for a final product, but would be both a fun inclusion and a sought-after objective in the case of this boss' inclusion.

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Bump for reliquary!

07-22-2015, 03:05 PM
Doing a rough model on stream, stop by if you want to watch. I'll probably be working on this until 5:00PM PDT.


07-22-2015, 05:29 PM
Updated the main post with a proof-of-concept gif of the model for your viewing pleasure. If you have any comments on it, feel free to fire away.

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Bumping to increase last-minute exposure because we're shameless hacks with no self respect or dignity.

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Bumping to increase last-minute exposure because we're shameless hacks with no self respect or dignity.

What he said.

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Getting in a final bump on the last day. If you've bothered to check out this thread, Quellv and I both thank you immensely.