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07-21-2015, 08:04 PM
Name:Shade of Q'bthulu

Design: Large Hulking creature adorned in an armor of a dark tone with white details, much like the skeletal knights found in Shadow Arenas. Multiple parts are covered in a corruptive mesh of Q'bthulu(Green/purle Splotch with an eye on it's center). It wears a helm adorned in Q'bthulu's tentacles and wields 4 blades covered in a similar Q'bthulu corruption as is found on the armor.
Abilities:[Aside from a standard swipe with its blades]

Crushing Assault-The Titan rushes forward toward its opponent dealing heavy damage to its target and lighter damage to the surrounding players. Has heavy knockback relative to damage incurred.
Used after taking +1% of its hp in dmg from a single target (Attacks that target)

Reave-Takes a mighty side slash toward 3 players, dealing medium damage but slowing players for 2 seconds.
Occasionaly used during combat.

Essence of Q'bthulu- The Titan roars flexing all of its arms and emits a large AoE lowering its defenses for a bit and being unable to move for 1 second. In return, all players within a decent distance(10-30 in game blocks length) take hevay damage and are slowed for 1 second (Same duration as the delay on titan if exact time is changed).
Used after taking 50% of its hp in damage.

As an aesthetic when it's hp is dropped below 75-50-25% it loses armor and reveals more corruption (Much like some bosses if I remember correctly from the recipe dungeons).