View Full Version : Shadow Titan - Oblivion, Knight of Q'bthulu

07-21-2015, 06:54 PM
My idea for the 'Shadow Titan' is based in 'make it simple as possible' so maybe there's no appeal from my idea, but its same things like a cat attracted with a empty box, what is the appeal from an empty box right? (like the Main Thread said).
Enough for the opening, and thanks for reading this... ;3

First, The style: it will looks like a Shadow Giant that sometimes spawning from the sky, and with a sword specially because it was a knight... and i don't know the detail about my own idea, but yeah... i don't really care about the style... (Next)

Second, The Name: I don't think a good or special name for this titan.. because i read some thread they have a cool name that i want to take in, but it will be copycat.. so.. Oblivion may be a name for this one.. (Next)

Third, The Skill : since some people in the forum including the name of the skill, so i think why not...
Black hole : This skill is already in the game, if you know some bosses can make a whirlwind that pull you to it, the idea of this skill is same... puling all Trovians all around him but have a greater radius of course.. and greater pulling power but no damage, just pulling and disabling the Trovians to move out of his range.. Trovians still possible to escape if watching the Oblivion momentum (move trigger) when start this skill, if not watching, its okay you can just jumping until break from its pull power (if you have enough jump of course). and maybe the trigger like punching the ground or etc. so this will make some efforts and little bit exciting right? :3

Shadow will : This skill is based on the Knight skill "Iron Will", it will make a barrier around him, that absorb damage for a while, so at this point all Trovians attack will maybe little bit useless.. but if Trovians attacking the barrier at some point this barrier will break..

Death Slash : And the last but not least, his main attack skill.. Maybe this skill be used after he using "Black Hole"... He will charging the sword and give 1 slashing that have a huge damage and that 1 slashes is slashing around him, fully around him... so it useless attacking him from behind or cover in the behind...

How to defeat it? so i think this type skill of monster sometimes can be overpowered, but like i said... The main key to defeat it just watch the trigger move or the beside key huge HP bar, and jump...

and... thats it... once again, thanks for reading.. maybe you can give your opinion down there :D:D:D this is my first time creating a thread.. but anyway.. thanks