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Name comes from the latin verb exedo (eat up, devour, consume, demolish, destroy, ruin) and Elysium.

Would look like a shadow-colored horseshoe crab (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horseshoe_crab), with a leech-like mouth under its shell. The front legs would be longer than the back legs. The shell would be cracked as if stuffed with too much to hold, with radiant-themed objects jutting out.


Abilities and attacks

(Passive) Elysian Consumption - When a player dies, Exedium heals for a small percentage of health, with a greater amount healed based on the flasks the player had left when they died. In addition, Exedium temporarily gains the benefits of the dead player's flask emblems.

Normal Attack - If a player is nearby, Exedium will try to scoop the player towards its mouth with its legs. The legs do only a small bit of damage, but will pull the player in rather than push the player back. Exedium's mouth is similar to a punchbot's normal attack in terms of power and knockback. Players behind the boss will have to deal with Exedium's tail, which will stab at any player within its reach for a moderate amount of damage.

Special Attack 1 - Devour - Exedium spits its tongue towards a target player, latching onto the player and preventing either Exedium or the player from moving of their own accord (knockback will still affect them, however). While the tongue is attached to the player, the player will gradually lose health, the health drain increasing over time. In order to break out of this attack, the players need to attack the target player, hitting the tongue. The target player can attack as well, which will deal damage to the tongue. If Exedium grabs a decoy of a player, it will destroy the decoy and immediately attempt to Devour another target.

Special Attack 2 - Expel - Exedium will fire the radiant objects on its shell into the air as projectiles. These objects will do varying damage, depending on size and speed. Players hit in the air by these objects will be hit with a temporary jump removal debuff (or a stunning effect) for a few seconds (enough for them to land on the ground again), and will take heavy damage and knockback. The amount of objects fired depends on the phase of the fight. The objects will never land near Exedium, who will not move until the objects stop landing (although it will attack with other abilities or attacks.)

When the objects hit the ground, they become stuck in the ground, and can be climbed, destroyed, and damaged as any other terrain. If objects from a previous use of this attack are already in place, they will be destroyed and replaced, doing a moderate amount of damage in an area around the object. Players can destroy the objects without causing the area damage.

If a player is targeted by Exedium and is on one of the objects, Exedium will charge at the player and knock them into the air (with the jump removal debuff), destroying any objects in the way and will prepare to Devour the player once they land.

Special Attack 3 - Gluttonous Breath - Exedium will take a deep breath, and then unleash a wave of noxious shadowy fumes from its mouth, dealing constant heavy damage and knockback to anyone caught in the wave. The shape of the attack depends on the phase of the fight. This attack can destroy the objects created by Expel.

Battle phases
Exedium will transition between phases based on health remaining. Even if it recovers health, it will not return to a previous phase.

Phase 1: Exedium will chase after players like any other mob. If it is targeting a player staying in the air, it will use a light Expel. If the players are scattered, it will run to the center of the battleground and use a heavy Expel. Every so often, Exedium will charge towards a player's location (favoring players that are further away), and then will Devour the nearest player. Exedium will never use Gluttonous Breath during this phase of the fight.
Phase 2: 66% Health: Exedium will recoil in pain from the players' attacks, and will become more hunched over, as if trying to use its shell as defense. This tells the players that the second phase of the fight has begun. Exedium will begin climbing the walls of the battleground, jumping down to Devour players, or will use a light Expel.

If Exedium is approached by a player while it is on the walls, it will leap down to attack. If Exedium has not been approached for some time (depending on how long it has been since Exedium has last used Gluttonous Breath), Exedium will use Gluttonous Breath in a straight line, starting from the base of the wall where Exedium is, and moving away towards the largest grouping of players (Think Metal Gear RAY's plasma cannon from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (https://youtu.be/f3bHENs9-2A?t=3m11s))
Phase 3: 33% Health: Exedium's shell will shatter, and it will roar in anger, letting the players know the third phase of the fight has begin. Exedium is much more aggressive during this phase, attacking and moving faster, and is more evasive, occasionally jumping to the side similar to a player's dodging. If a player is under it, it will immediately use Devour on that player. If it is in or near the center of the battleground, it will use a cone-shaped Gluttonous Breath, and will sweep it around the battleground in a circle. If Exedium is near a wall, with the players nearer to the opposite end of the battleground, Exedium will use the cone-shaped Gluttonous Breath, without sweeping it around. If Exedium is surrounded, it will use a heavy Expel.

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I'd try to make some art, but my Paint skills are lackluster

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Sounds amazing. Can't wait til this is in the game.11/10

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I have channeled my horrible artistry to create something resembling my idea.

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Bump, would like some feedback

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I'm bumping this.

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Added a specification about how the Devour attack works with decoys, clones, etc. of target players.