View Full Version : "Shadow Titan" Idea's

Not Kenny
07-21-2015, 06:13 PM
#1 The Raging Centaur

Not exactly a tank style, But a Ranged / Close Combat style.
The Centaur is a hard to get enemy as it uses its surroundings for its advantages.
This Titan gender is male.
The Centaur is half human half horse, as its lower area is horse. Which means it has four legs.
It would have no armor equipped, but the chest of his body has a red implanted orb, surrounded by scars. (As of course, red could be used as the color of rage.)
Its head has a horned helmet, as for his hair is brown, and a goatee.
As for his size, he is slightly between small and large, about 5 player sizes, stacked upon each other.
And his weapons, A regular axe with a vine texture to it, and a bow with also a vine texture to it.

#1 ( Ranged Teleport ) The title says it all, The Centaur activates the orb implanted in his chest, teleporting him farther away from the players, still getting shots on him, If near an elevated source, he will teleport on top of the structure an snipe you down with his bow.

#2 ( Dash ) The Raging Centaur will prep up his speed and try to Dash into you, as a full body check. If attack went through, Player takes a huge amount of damage, but Dash can be easily dodge by rather jumping or be behind a block barricade.

#3 ( Hilt Smash ) Using the handle of his axe, The Centaur can hit you, stunning you for a while.

SPECIAL ( Raging Ram ) So mad, the Raging Centaur uses his helmet to dash into you, some what impaling you with one of the helmet horns.