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07-21-2015, 05:59 PM
Hey guys!
I thought of a pretty cool Shadow Tower boss idea so I thought I would share it! :)

Name :
Q'bthulhu Construct

So I wasn't to keen on the whole only 3 abilities idea, because the design there just seems a little bit underwhelming and stagnant, because if the fight is fast it will get mastered quickly, and if it is long then it will feel stagnant after a week of killing him without dying!

Anyways here's what I got!

Q'bthulhu Construct : A 3 phase, 3 stage, 3 mechanic per phase fight.

Phase 1:
In the first phase the boss would look like a wicked Eye of Q'bthulhu.
The initial stage to begin the encounter would be at the top of the Shadow Tower that the players have just ascended.

1: The floating eye will do a 30degree cone wave in front of the boss that will travel to the edge of tower and do serious damage to anyone caught in the blast. This will force players to position away from in front of the boss.
2: The floating eye will lock onto a player and move directly towards them, The player must block line of sight of the boss or the boss will eventually collide with them and kill them.
3: The floating eye will make a line in the room wherever it goes that will inflict damage on the players in they pass through it

The arena would be fairly large and have a few small walls to hide behind for certain parts of the encounter.

Once enough damage is done to the Eye of Q'bthulhu, It will fall to the ground and explode leaving a large crater in the floor that the players must jump down into the next phase of the encounter.

Phase 2:
In the second phase the boss would look like a large Tentacle of Q'bthulhu.
The stage will look like a Colosseum floor, so a large circle with semi craggy floor, and the base of the tentacle planted in the middle of the arena.

1: The giant tentacle will semi-often rotate around the room at a moderate pace and force the players to essentially play jump rope in order to not be struck by the boss.
2: The tentacle will latch onto a player and begin to steal health from them, to stop this the players must strike at the tentacle near where the player is to detach it
3: The tentacle does a large ground slam at a section of the room, doing large damage to anyone hit, and once the tentacle has slammed a section of the room, that area has the gravity well effect for the remainder of the phase.

Once the players have done enough damage to the Q'bthulhu Construct in this phase, the tentacle will wither and leave a large hole in the middle of the room the players need to jump through in order to go into and kill the final phase of the boss!

Phase 3:
The mind of the Q'bthulhu Construct, The boss would look like a giant Q'bthulhu-esq brain, and all players who are near the brain would be under the effects of gravity well,
The arena for the final phase of the encounter would have loosly scattered hanging platforms, and the floor would be a broken apart ruin of what looks like the foundations of the shadow tower.

1: The floor gets covered with electric charge and does massive damage to any player standing on it, so the players must jump to a platform to avoid the large amounts of damage, and while the floor is not doing this, the platforms are, so the players can not just hide on the platforms.
2: The Q'bthulhu Construct blows up one of the hanging platforms in the room, so as this phase starts, there are plenty of places to stand, but as the fight goes on, there are less and less safe havens for the players to be while the boss is shocking the floor.
3: The boss slowly moves around the room, and anyone who is standing in front of where the boss is moving gets hit by the brain, launched back, and takes massive damage.

So yeah!
That was my idea for what I think would be a really fun and cool boss fight!