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07-21-2015, 05:32 PM
What I REALLY want to see in this game, is an enemy that takes more than pure DPS. If we're looking for a Shadow Titan for the top of a tower, it oughta be exciting to fight. So I started thinking, and I believe I have a foundation for something that could be complex, but not too difficult to understand.


Titan Name: The Corruption
Appearance: A dark purple slime taking the form of a large hourglass-like shape from the floor to the ceiling of the boss room.
1) The Corruption is always reaching a tentacle from itself to take over traps, portals, and other ways to kill players. These tentacles can be severed if damaged enough, and regenerate HP over time. Destroying tentacles does small damage to the core Corruption.
2) The Corruption quickly grows a small, agile tentacle that can either sweep a floor, or smack a player for medium damage and small collateral damage; can be used
3) The Corruption channels a surge of slime that covers a portion of the arena, dealing significant damage and dissolving the arena floor. Standing in the affected area deals damage over time.

So, the basic idea is that the boss room is huge. 2 or 3 different floors in a circle shape, with the middle being occupied by the boss, which for now I'm dubbing The Corruption. It is a living, breathing organism with control over the entire room, and possibly other sections of the tower. It wants you dead, and will use everything at its disposal to do so. Turrets scattered around could be "corrupted" by this boss, and it reaches its tentacle out to take it over, allowing it to fire as long as it has control. These tentacles can be destroyed in order to deactivate the "host" until another one reaches out. The same concept could work for a portal frame, allowing The Corruption to spawn shadow enemies from another realm.

So how do you defeat it? Teamwork. Of course, the monster has weak points that deal a bit extra damage to be worthwhile, but it's not going to kill it instantly. In general, if you DPS the boss long enough, you'll kill him. Seeing as you can have numerous portals spawning creatures and turrets firing at your entire group at once, you likely won't survive long enough to drain the HP pool.

Let's go back to those tentacles briefly. As they stretch out and take traps to control, the monster's attention dwindles in that area the more it focuses on killing you, and it lowers its defenses. Yeah, it's a stupid creature. If you're able to move your group in, protect the damage dealers, and destroy the weak spot, that particular zone will weaken. The Corruption will still be able to take over traps in the area, but a bit slower, and without a weak spot.

The main idea here is picking the area to control, and doing your darned best to do just that. Damage dealers should be kept alive, and all others need to control what The Corruption is doing, whether it tries to retake zones, or maybe use other tricks that the Shadow Tower has in order to destroy you. Maybe with our destructible worlds, the creature could occasionally unleash an attack that destroys part of the arena, making it progressively more difficult to beat it.

There's some serious RNG at work here, but if it works like I think it does, we could potentially have a very interesting boss to fight. Thanks for reading :3

07-22-2015, 10:24 AM
Bumping, would like some opinion on this.

07-22-2015, 10:27 AM
i think this is a pretty cool idea. makes me think of something out of terraria lol. i think this could be really nice to have in-game, the boss fights are getting too boring and easy.