View Full Version : Shadow Titan : Stickum, The Tar Lord

07-21-2015, 05:13 PM
As with any good MMO boss, teamwork should be the main focus, so I give you Stickum, The Tar Lord. A very gross, and very sticky, lizard-like monster.

Stickum's Passive: "One with Stickum"
Sadly, the tar, which drips endlessly from Stickum's body, is the remnants of fallen Trovians, and if you're not careful, you too will become one with Stickum, for every time a Trovian falls before this Titan, they become a pile of icky stuff, which impedes the movements of other Trovians. If Stickum should ever touch the icky stuff, it will fuse with him and he will regain a portion of his health. (When Stickum touches the field, it is replaced with a smaller, permanent splotch which will no longer offer the Titan health, but will impede movement until he is defeated)

Ability 1: "Why me?"
Named for the character who "randomly" always gets targeted. Stickum becomes stationary and marks a Trovian with icky stuff, holding them in place. After a short period of time, Stickum blasts a Trovian with a laser from his mouth - Did I mention Stickum can shoot a laser from his mouth? Because he can shoot a laser from his mouth. - instantly turning them and any Trovian who is too close into icky stuff. During the charge up, Trovians have an opportunity to damage glowing bits of the Tarlord, and if all the sections are busted, Stickum releases the Trovian.

Ability 2: "Stop Jumping"
Stickum doesn't like anyone who jumps more than twice. He debuffs those in the immediate area with a pulse. The effect is not permanent, but happens quite frequently, meaning Trovians will have only a few moments of happy jumping freedom before being grounded again.

Ability 3: "Evening odds"
Why? Because its a horde versus one! Stickum glows after taking enough damage flashes red. After a few moments the Tar Lord retaliates with a deadly explosion, killing all but the toughest Trovians. (The explosion is quite large, meaning running must happen immediately if one hopes to escape. Adventurers may have to deal with more explosions than they would like if people keep healing him.)

The idea is that Stickum is more than a sack of life, or a crazed AI that charges with unnatural speed and aoe's its victims into submission. Stickum becomes infinitely more difficult if Trovian's are not paying attention. The tar pits may have a snowball effect, which may block some Trovians from escaping, or snagging them in place when Stickum is glowing red, causing future fleeing to become more difficult or perhaps impossible. The healing also will make the fight longer, which increases the chances of the Tar Lord spiraling out of control.

Of course, Stickum will also be lumbering around and slapping your blocks off with attacks squishes will be terrified of, which may give it a head start in becoming unstoppable.