View Full Version : Shadow knight of the darkest light.

07-21-2015, 04:31 PM
Once believed a legend among people, is know feared as a black mist of death. He was a unstoppable warrior in his time, but the wars have not been kind to him. He was captured and tortured turned into a weapon of mass destruction by the shadow legion. The darkness ensnared him, but can you make it out alive? Or shall you be caught in the maelstrom of his hatred.

Alright time to get a bit of looks shall we. He use to live in the skyrealm portal, as a warrior of the radiant legion. So he needs wings, but i think he needs corrupted wings to show but to show he was also a part of the skyrealm. I am thinking of ice/lava mix like ice on one side and lava on the other.

He should be a giant about 7 blocks high or so. It fits his lore i suppose better this way.

He also should have a knight theme of course, like the rest of the invaders/sky realm guy's. But have his armor decaying but also make it visible that it was sky realms armor as well. Perhaps a mix of shadow invaders and the sky realm knights.

Weapon he wields a giant sword glowing with white energy, but it is also envolped by lava. So like you can see his sword faintly glowing white and gold, or ice to fit his wings better.

Now onto his skills, these shall be fun.

Since he is a knight i think some sorta of invincibility skill seems to work as well. How about he blast himself into a bunch of smoke, that slowly covers the ground in a poison that you have to get away from. So constant jumping, this would lead to not regening enegery.

After he covers the ground in black smoke, he can regather himself at any point on the map. So he can teleport to any player basically, making you have to stay close to your squishy attackers.

He also has a dash skill, this skill is not on a cool down, the others are tho. This skill leaves behind a trail of darkness tho, making it so you can't see stuff. If he uses this right over you, your vision will only allow you to see 2 blocks ahead of you. Making the fight even scarier as he can just pop out at any moment. This leads to even more teamwork, as you have to find him.

Alright last skill, he tears of a piece of his wings and summons a minion with it. This minion is a monster that is half a block high. So it might will be difficult to see. However make his hit box 1 block to avoid frustration. This skill is on a 7 second cool down. He can only use this skill 6 times, since his wing are only so big.

Now for loot, he has to drop his wings right? Such bad as wings should not be left out of the game. His wings have a special use tho, once a day you can summon 6 of those minions he summons. But each time you use it, your wings get smaller and you go slower. But thankfully it resets in a day!

A tiny ally of him, but when he was not corrupted, so a sky knight but with golden armor giving off a white and gold glow. Ice wings with a white and gold glow to it. It gives ya 10% damage resistance 10% physical damage 10% magic damage. It has a chance to fully heal you when you take or deal damage. However this chance should be low, like 1~5% chance to avoid being to over powered. This item may need tuned right now it's a bit over powered i guess, but you get the idea a tanky survival item that also has some offense capability's.

Rings, isn't this about time? However these rings are not shadow nor radiant level. These rings are a part of a set, if you collect the ally the wings and the helmet. You get some neat bonuses, of course these items are very rare. Lets make it a grind, drop rate is a bit lower than shadow level 5, for each item.

Anyways the ring gives normal shadow level 5 stats. It has a special ability to to shoot out an wave of ice and lava at the enemy. Slowing and burning them. This has a 10% chance of activating.

The helmet has normal shadow level 5 stats as well. This item has a chance to give you a ice/lava aura. Slowing enemies around you and burning them.

Once you get the full set, the set gives you. +1.7k physical damage and magic damage. Gives you +1k health, and gives you +100% max hp. 10 attack speed, 6 jumps. It also has chance to pull all enemies to you and stuns them for 2 seconds. When enemies try to attack you from a distant, this also gives you projectile immunity for 30 seconds. Making range enemies easy to fight, however this can only trigger once every 3 minutes.

Well these are my idea's and thoughts on a boss. Sorry it is very big, i wanted to go into detail about a lot of stuff.